BLV Ta Bien Cuong pointed out that the “X factor” of U23 Vietnam is more potential than Cong Vinh and Cong Phuong

In the current gathering of the Vietnam U23 team, Coach Park Hang-seo and acting head coach Lee Young-jin called up to 7 strikers, including: Le Xuan Tu, Tran Van Dat, Ho Thanh Minh, Nguyen Tran Viet Cuong, Nguyen Van Tung, Vo Nguyen Hoang, Nguyen Quoc Viet. In which, the first four names are the faces who attended the Asian U23 qualifier last year; The remaining three names have just won the U23 Southeast Asian Championship with Vietnam U23 about 3 weeks ago.

Among these, Quoc Viet is the youngest player, and also the one most appreciated by BLV Ta Bien Cuong. Talking about the striker on the staff of Nutifood JMG Football Academy, this famous BLV shared:

From the beginning of the video, we have looked back at Nguyen Quoc Viet’s special achievements in just the past 4 months. There are many people who argue that: “In history, there have been many ‘young kings’ who disappeared at the professional level”. That’s also true, but that’s the story of the future. At the moment, Quoc Viet is one of the strikers that makes me most excited when watching youth tournaments.

Admittedly, it has been a long time since we have seen a striker with the same style of play as Quoc Viet. At the age of 19, Quoc Viet is 1m73 tall and weighs 67kg. The young Hai Phong player has a monster level of movement, speed, and the ability to finish well with both feet as well as with his head.

Watching Quoc Viet compete, I thought that I was controlling the famous player – Sergio Aguero – in the Play Station game. The downline just poked the slot, passed the ball to the top, the rest was taken care of by Quoc Viet.”

BLV Ta Bien Cuong pointed out that the X factor of U23 Vietnam is more potential than Cong Vinh, Cong Phuong - Photo 1.

Quoc Viet can finish well with both feet, in many different positions (photo: Sport5).

The king of young prizes

Returning home right after the U23 Southeast Asian championship in Cambodia, Quoc Viet shouldered the responsibility of bringing U19 Nutifood JMG to the final round of the National U19 tournament. Despite being the reigning runner-up in the tournament, the journey of coach Guillaume Graechen’s teachers and students in the qualifying round was not really convincing. Located in the group that is considered easy to breathe, including Song Lam Nghe An, Thua Thien – Hue and Nam Dinh, however, it must wait until the last match of U19 Nutifood JMG to win a ticket to the final round.

Overall, U19 Nutifood JMG scored 9 goals in the qualifying round, of which Quoc Viet had 4 goals. The special thing is that this striker has 3 times to put the ball into the net with his left foot, and only 1 goal has come from his right foot.

Actually, this is not the first time Vietnam has done this. Just over 2 months ago at the National U21 final round, Vietnam also scored only 1 goal with the right foot from the penalty spot. Meanwhile, the remaining 3 very beautiful goals, including the ball tire, the shot from outside the penalty area or the goal in the face-to-face situation in the final, were made by Quoc Viet with his left foot.

In the National U21 Championship 2021, the striker of U21 Nutifood JMG won all the individual titles: the only scorer in the final, the best player in the final, the top scorer, the top player. Best in the National U21 Championship. Above all, Quoc Viet was the one who ended the “second-place king” period of the German-elected players and Mr. Jom considered him “more talented than Cong Phuong”.

Broadly speaking, any tournament that Quoc Viet participates in, whether at the U17, U19 or U21 level, he is the top scorer.

BLV Ta Bien Cuong pointed out that the X factor of U23 Vietnam is more potential than Cong Vinh, Cong Phuong - Photo 2.

Quoc Viet is known as “the king of young prizes”.

Striker carries the rare team of Vietnamese football

With such special things, Quoc Viet gradually left a mark in the hearts of the fans. However, not only that, BLV Ta Bien Cuong – who has lived with many stages of Vietnamese football – also thinks that the 19-year-old striker has more potential than legends like Cong Vinh or Anh Duc. He calls Quoc Viet a striker who knows how to “carry the team”.

It’s been a long time, I really have not seen a Vietnamese striker capable of “carrying the team” like Quoc Viet. The top strikers in the history of Vietnamese football like Cong Vinh and Anh Duc are not the type that can pull the whole team to a victory or a title. So are the strikers of the current Vietnamese team such as Tien Linh, Duc Chinh, Cong Phuong, Van Toan or Tuan Hai. Perhaps the closest Vietnamese striker that we have the ability to “carry the team” is the golden boy Van Quyen.

Of course, it would be too lame to compare the level of Quoc Viet with the names mentioned above. However, with such a style of play and such strengths, we can completely put our trust in this player.”

Compared to the strikers of U23 Vietnam this time, Quoc Viet is the youngest and also the least experienced in professional competition. When it comes to winning a place in the squad right now, it will be very difficult for the Hai Phong player. However, if developed in the right direction, Quoc Viet could be one of the most feared “killers” of Vietnamese football in the future. htm

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