Bundesliga match postponed because fan threw beer at referee’s head

Vfl Bochum welcomes Monchengladbach in the 27th round Bundesliga . The away team Monchengladbach played better and took a 2-0 lead for most of the match.

In the 71st minute, line referee Christian Gittelmann was thrown at his head by an enthusiastic fan while on duty. The incident left Gittelmann stunned and unable to continue the mission. Referee Benjamin Cortus decided to leave the field with the team of assistant referees.

The goalkeeper and Bochum players were very angry, rushing to the fan area to protest the behavior of the aforementioned fan.

A few minutes later, the stadium organizers announced that the match had been postponed and asked the fans to leave the field. The reason is to ensure the safety of the referee. About 15 minutes later, the Monchengladbach players returned to the field to say goodbye to the audience before leaving.

“Some idiot threw a foreign object at the lineman and got the game suspended. Extremely stupid and irresponsible behavior. We can’t let this happen in our stadium. What a fool,” Bochum’s social media account said after the match.

It is still not clear how the Bundesliga organizers will deal with this incident. Vfl Bochum is in danger of losing if the aforementioned fan is a fan of this team. This is the first match Bochum has welcomed 25,000 spectators back after the epidemic prevention regulations were relaxed.

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