Catching Chinese football disease, the legend of the World Cup made Mr. Park “disgusted”?

The frank words of Klinsmann

With his experience as both a player and a coach, the German legend Klinsmann was recently invited to advise football. China. True to his usual straightforward style, Klinsmann analyzes:

“First, Chinese football needs to be invested strongly. But the investment plan must be towards the medium and long-term, with a vision of at least 5-10 years. The Chinese Football Federation must pay attention to the training of coaches. and young players.

Second, Chinese football is too focused on the short-term results of the team. Last year, the Chinese Super League had to sacrifice to give the team the best conditions. But in the end, the Chinese team did not win tickets to the World Cup and the clubs also had great difficulties.

There’s nothing wrong with investing in the league, but it takes 10-15 years to see tangible results. Most importantly, the money has to be put in the right place.”

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Chinese football is in a double crisis

Many experts as well as the Chinese media agree with Klinsmann’s comment. Obviously, Chinese football has no shortage of investors. But the “throwing money out the window” for many years has seriously affected development.

One of the points Klinsmann expressed great interest in is the balance of interests between the team and the league. The same situation has happened in Vietnam for many years now, the national championship is often arranged in the direction of giving the highest priority to the team levels.

This season, many clubs set great ambitions and invested heavily in their forces. But V.League only played 4 rounds and then took a break and didn’t return until the first month of July. However, coach Park Hang-seo still complained when Hanoi FC and Thanh Hoa played a match completely according to the FIFA schedule.

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Many players participated in the match Hanoi vs Thanh Hoa

Park’s anxiety can be understood when there are parallel matches of the Vietnamese team and U23 Vietnam in the immediate future. The Korean military leader does not want any student to face the risk of injury before coming to focus.

However, the reaction from Coach Park Hang-seo opens up a problem: It is time for the V.League to be valued more, not only for the sake of the clubs but also for the national teams themselves.

Among the successes that Mr. Park has won with Vietnamese football, the contribution from the V.League is huge. Top stars like Quang Hai, Hung Dung, Que Ngoc Hai, Trong Hoang, Cong Phuong, Dang Van Lam… all made a breakthrough in their careers thanks to training at the national championship.

When the V.League malfunctions, the same team levels are affected. At the AFF Cup 2020, the Vietnamese team was not allowed to add many new factors and failed to defeat Thailand in the semi-finals.

The current Vietnam U23 class that Mr. Park built to head to the SEA Games is also facing many problems because of a lack of experience in competing in a professional environment. In the Asian U23 qualifying round, the red shirt army had to work very hard to overcome Myanmar and Chinese Taipei with not really convincing performances.

FIFA Days ends at the end of March and the beginning of May the new SEA Games kicks off. Instead of returning to the club, continuing to fight for a place in the national championship like players of the same age in Thailand and Malaysia, U23 Vietnam will only practice and play friendly games until before the SEA Games.

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In his analysis, Klinsmann pointed out that when sacrificing the league in favor of the team, if the team fails, it will be a double defeat.

The AFF Cup 2020 has been a huge disappointment. The victory over China in February helped things become more optimistic. But the upcoming 31st SEA Games will be an extremely difficult problem for Mr. Park. A double defeat like China can make Vietnamese football lose many things.

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