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Duet performance of Hien Ho

Hien Ho is a female singer who is loved by the audience when she possesses a bright, high voice and “specializes in” heart-wrenching ballad songs. But recently, the female singer rarely appears on music stages as well as releasing MVs, but often attracted attention with a series of photos on the golf course. Recently, the online community has “digged” the stage between Hien Ho and Vu in the last Song 22 music night to enjoy a series of hits that have caused fever in the past time.

Ex-Lovers – Stepping Through Each Other – Saigon’s Heartbreak – Hien Ho x Vu

In the program, Vu and Hien Ho gave the audience a series of songs Ex-Lovers – Walking Through Each Other – Saigon is so heartbreaking. In particular, the hit song Step Through Each Other creating the “look left” trend combined between the two vocals has made fans extremely excited.

Hien Ho and Vu are both strong vocalists in ballads. A person who possesses a high voice tone like Hien Ho when combined with a deep male voice like Vu creates a music that blends and touches the listener’s emotions. After this performance was broadcast, many people seemed to want to “break apart” when listening to the duet performance of the two. Currently, this duet has reached more than 8.3 million views on YouTube.

Hien Ho and Vu have a collaboration in the program “Wave 22”

The two have a duet that is rated as a 100x increase in damage

The performance that caused a fever after it was broadcast

The duet of Hien Ho - Vu suddenly became hot again, a series of ballad mash-ups increased damage extremely - Photo 5.

The video of the duet performance between Hien Ho and Vu is currently reaching more than 8.3 million views

Clip and Photo: Compilation 20220319233057205.chn

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