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Elly Tran cut her hair in a fashion style and immediately reversed the car, responding to the person who released the photo of the fat guy round 2

Elly Tran is one of the first Saigon hotgirls with a fiery body. In the early days of 2010, she was a hot female model who was praised by many Chinese and Thai newspapers. In the blink of an eye, she is now 34 years old and a mother of 2 children. Elly Tran’s fashion photos in lingerie never cease to be hot.

The woman’s sexy figure also became a controversial topic recently when she wore a corset but revealed puzzling chubby breasts.

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Dressed in a Greek goddess dress paired with a white wig, Elly Tran showed off her fiery mound, except for her lower belly.

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Recently, he officially released a complete photo with the controversial dress. Her figure spun and posed at all angles but still had a slender, slender waist and seductive old lingerie standards.

In particular, Elly Tran did not forget to “sorry” on her personal page: “If it’s people who aren’t ugly plus nice clothes and good make-up but you can’t take good pictures, that’s your PROCESS, not ours. Don’t drown, I have 2 good buoys so I can’t drown even if I drown, condolences.”

Elly Tran is known as a funny mother and has a way of parenting that is admired by many. The older he gets, the younger he looks with his gout aesthetic. In the past, with long bleached hair, she always looked sexy with bold cuts, now her hair is short, this mother of 2 children immediately “turned the car” in the exact same style as her son Dear Cardie.

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Female models are surprised with short haircuts but still very suitable for oval faces. Fashion style does not have to be bold but still sexy and extraordinary.

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The item she wore at first glance looked like Cardie in doll shoes with laces, turtleneck socks, and flared skirt.

Baby Cardie is now an adult and looks like a girl. He often updates the status of his children through stories in his life, but rarely uploads photos of his children. Because of this, any fashion images of him are now quite rare.

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Older Cardie likes to wear comfortable unisex clothes. A popular children’s fashion item is the oversized t-shirt. The beautiful mother also joined her favorite girl to wear the same clothes.

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Women love to mix and match with cowboy leather boots, mix and match with cool accessories like choker rings and armpit bags. With a teen combo like this, U35 looks like a young and cute high school student.

Elly Tran haircut in instant fashion style amp;#34;turned xeamp;#34;, responds to people peeling fat photos round 2 - 1

He was also rushing down the street with his jeans hanging down. Of course, the highlight is the elegant make-up and the ignorant way of styling curly hair. Otherwise, it’s hard for anyone to guess Elly Tran’s real age.

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In the past, Elly Tran was always “on fire” with a full cut dress. Women’s sensuality is hard to resist, but compared to today’s styles, it’s not as popular as the majority.

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