Gasoline perfume turns out to be real, but not the photoshopped stuff that’s buzzing today

Walking on social media these days, people everywhere are eager to “share” photos of the luxurious RON-95 gasoline-scented perfume bottle. At a time when gas prices are at a record high like the present, a bottle of gasoline-scented perfume will definitely help you respect your aristocratic aura.

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Only regret, this RON-95 petrol perfume bottle is just a product of photoshop, the perfumer also admits “just making pictures for fun”. However, in real life, there are actually gasoline-scented perfumes right from 2021.

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This perfume is not sold separately, but is included when you buy a Ford electric car

It is known that this is a product of Ford car company, called Mach-Eau perfume. According to the company’s share, this perfume not only emits the smell of gasoline but also faintly smells of smoke and rubber. Anyone who has just switched to an electric car but still lingers on the smell of gasoline should be consulted.

In addition to gasoline-scented perfume, overseas also sell gasoline-scented candles. On a foreign e-commerce site, just spend from 261 – 500K, you can buy a gasoline scented candle.

Shock: Gasoline-scented perfume turns out to be real, but not photoshopped goods today - Photo 3.

Gasoline scented candles have many types for users to choose from, from large candle cups to small tablets. Buy and use to ensure that the house is less “alum” immediately!

If you are interested, you can consult and order gasoline-scented candles on foreign e-commerce sites.

[Box thông tin shop] – Genk smells of gasoline

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