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Going to the market to see this scene, I don’t know whether to be happy or sad

Many moments on TikTok attract millions to tens of millions of interactions because the more you watch, the harder it is to believe. As recently, an account posted a clip discovering the inside of a fish’s belly that was just caught from the sea.

The secret inside the belly of the big fish is revealed

Accordingly, inside the gaping mouth are countless smaller fish species, even shrimp, crabs, squid… Most likely this fish is omnivorous and professional predator, so it greedily devours it. So many creatures.

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Under the comments section, many accounts think that this fishmonger won a big trick when catching 1 fish, and he was given a promotion for the whole school of shrimp, crab, fish, squid, etc. Others thought of many seafood sellers. Products in Vietnam intentionally put more fish in to deceive customers, causing the weight of the product to be padded a lot.

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Buy squid in Vung Tau and get a promotion with rotten fish in the belly – a story that used to be controversial on TikTok

Some outstanding comments were left:

– “Eat once a year is real”

– “Buy a promotional fish for a whole pot of mixed seafood hotpot”

– “In the past, when I went to buy fish, I also encountered this situation, the seller intentionally put more bad fish inside to trick me”

– “What kind of fish eats so greedily, it must have just been caught, so it hasn’t been digested yet”

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