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Hanoi schools strive to meet national standards in the context of the epidemic

Teaching and learning online from situational solutions has gradually been standardized by the High School of Educational Sciences (under the University of Education, Hanoi National University). Last school year, despite taking place in the context of the epidemic, 100% the student All of them are admitted to universities and colleges, of which more than 40% are directly recruited.

Teacher Nguyen Phuong Hoa, High School of Educational Sciences said: ”Whether face-to-face learning or online learning must be effective, the school always changes its methods to adapt to conditions from studying to guaranteed exams. actually, the result”.

Overcoming difficulties to rise, the school’s staff and teachers have also been gradually consolidated. Currently, all teachers are qualified and above standards, of which more than 70% of teachers have master’s and doctorate degrees.

For newly established schools such as the High School of Educational Sciences, building a team is a challenging evaluation criterion, while in suburban schools, ensuring facilities is a difficult requirement. Taking advantage of the time when students stopped going to school, the teachers and staff of My Hung Primary School (Thanh Oai district) put all their efforts to perfect the classroom space.

”When the school and classroom are spacious, parents can safely send their children to school,’ said Ms. Bui Thi Ly, Principal of My Hung Primary School.

The process of striving to become National Standard School has brought about a change from the external appearance to the internal quality of schools. The team of teachers and the increasingly perfected classroom landscape have positively impacted on comprehensive educational activities.

The movement to build schools meeting national standards was launched by the Ministry of Education and Training in 1996. Continuing to respond to this activity, Hanoi’s education sector is setting a goal of having 100% of high schools meet standards by 2025.

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