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Helps whiten skin, “facade” looks younger

The excitement of the summer will be one of the decisive factors to the fashion style, as well as the hair style of women. At this time, many ladies will want to be friends with a more prominent and liberal hairstyle, instead of just having traditional black hair and a simple shape. And eye-catching brown dyed hair is the ideal choice for summer, because of its youthfulness and radiance. This dyed hair color is also very flattering, almost any woman can apply it. However, when brown hair dyeWhat hairstyle should you cut to look the most beautiful and impressive? The answer is the following 5 trendy hairstyles.

Flat-tailed bob hair

The flat tail bob is considered one of the classic and timeless hairstyles. This hairstyle is even more suitable for women 30+ because of its elegance and elegance, but still helps the owner’s appearance stand out among many other long-haired girls. The only downside of bob hair The flat tail is easy to make the appearance look “dumb”. However, if you dye your hair brown, don’t worry, the look will only be stylish and youthful.

Shoulder length curly hair

In the summer, women will look for lighter hairstyles. So, it is not difficult to understand that shoulder-length hair is very hot this time.

If you want to look gentle and feminine, let your hair fall to shoulder length. This is an option that will help your hair look more bouncy and full, thin hair should be pinned. It is further revealed that if you dye the roof brown curly hair shoulder length, instead of just having black hair, women will have a youthful and sweet appearance.

Layered straight hair

Love long hair but want to look a few years younger, ladies should make friends with layered, straightened hairstyles. This hairstyle not only helps to hack good age, but also brings fashion and “play” to the owner. Layered straight hair looks stylish even in black. However, if you dye your hair brown, your visual will be even more impressive.

Shoulder-length layered hair

When it comes to youthful, liberal hairstyles, shoulder-length layered hair is worth pinning. This hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes. With the layered structure, the hair will have a lively look, the hairline will swell slightly, so it also helps the “facade” of women more elegant and compact. Shoulder-length layered hair goes well with brown dye. This option gives a radiant look to the face, and the sophistication is maximized.

Curly hair

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There are many ways for women to make friends with long, curly, feminine hair without being afraid of “no”. Specifically, curl your hair lightly and dye it brown. These tips will help you look sweeter and younger, but your flying and romantic features have not diminished. Finally, don’t forget to add volume to the roots, or cut the bangs sparsely. These details give the effect of compacting the face, covering blemishes very well.

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