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Hoa Minzy’s son looks handsome, wears the same clothes as his mother and goes everywhere

Since Hoa Minzy Bo “thui” (real name Nguyen Minh Thien An) immediately received a lot of love from the online community. Until now, baby Bo is the child with the most number of followers on Facebook with more than 1.7 million followers, Instagram with almost 500 thousand followers. The appeal of child stars comes not only from the famous family of young mothers and fathers, but also the exquisite storytelling and bold fashion sense.

In the midst of the quarrels of his parents, all the attention of the uncle of the social network for the boy was even more. Recently, Hoa Minzy went with her son and Duc Phuc, Erik – Hibiscus family to go to Dalat. No doubt, the fashion styles of these two loving mothers and children immediately ‘dropped’ many hearts from the public.

Arriving in the promised land with a thick night atmosphere, maybe the evening gowns and turtleneck sweaters worn by this mother and daughter are already familiar. Hoa Minzy chose a calm earthy brown to wear to the night market.

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It is not necessary to have daughters, mother and daughter can dress in harmony with each other. Hoa Minzy has many ways to combine mother and daughter wardrobe without going off the rails at all. Neutral colors such as white, black, and beige if they stand side by side are indeed harmonious.

Hoa Minzy is one of the successful early vocalists. He also built a solid footing in the world of showbiz. Although she rarely exhibits luxury branded goods, it can be said that this mother of one child’s aesthetic gout is very playful. The advantage of this female singer from Bac Ninh is that she is not afraid to choose to buy sale items from e-commerce platforms or beautiful second-hand goods.

From the strong boy days, everywhere he goes, he mixes & matches great notes with his son. Baby Bo is often given by his mother to wear minimalistic colours, not fussy with textures and shapes, but usually subtle. Boys fashion trends are an innovation from Korean boys’ styles. Therefore, with gestures and gestures of hugging and kissing Bo’s mother’s baby, the child looks more mature.

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The boy is now an adult, many people praise him because he inherited many traits from his father and mother. Wearing a vest, baby Bo looks like a real estate tycoon.

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Mother Hoa and baby Bo on cold days often wear the same material. The soft and warm fur coat was cleverly chosen by the female singer for her pet boy.

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Usually, cardigans, baseball jackets, jackets, denim are familiar items for the famous mother and daughter.

As a celebrity who is good at keeping up appearances, Hoa Minzy is also very naughty when she uses the holidays to show off with her children. Mother and daughter wearing cute cosplay costumes.

If you were a baby dinosaur, then I would be a dinosaur mom. If you are Uncle Cuoi, I will swear to be Hang Nga. The day you carry your backpack to school properly, my mother will be a gentle teacher with a pure female ao dai.

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After giving birth, Hoa Minzy immediately got a slim figure, plus a bright smile, in many frames, only choosing ageless items such as tennis skirts, bow ties, she looks like a little sister.

Having a son, it is not difficult for a mother to want to dress to match. Sometimes just the same material or the same color, even wearing the same items for the festive season, mother and daughter are already beautiful and radiant.

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