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How can the super-rich billionaires spend money that “common people” cannot imagine?

As we all know, money can’t buy everything, but it can buy almost everything. The super-rich group – that is, owning more than 30 million USD (about 700 billion) in assets can enjoy life without worry. The image of the rich is always associated with ostentatiousness and a lavish lifestyle. Bags of several billion, private yachts, private planes, immense villas and trips around the world in general with the elite are not strange. So, sometimes just that is not “stimulating” enough anymore.

Journal Vice did an interview with a series of people working in the service industry specializing in the top rich, including resort staff, chefs, drivers,… to listen to them share their experiences. Strange experience: How weird and crazy can the super rich spend their money?

Synthesize the super-rich ways of spending money that

The royal person rented the entire 2 floors of the hotel because… many wives

Rhea, a hotel receptionist, said she once hosted a royal from the Middle East. In just a small outing, this VIP character had to cover the entire 2 floors of the hotel because he brought too many wives with him. During his stay, he also specifically requested that only female employees be allowed to appear and serve him, although no one dared to understand why.

Synthesize the super-rich ways of spending money that

Weird habits make you panic

Shrishti, a security guard in a six-star hotel, told a story about a guest she had just met a few months ago. This VIP character is the president of a multinational car corporation. In the middle of a lonely night, he witnessed the billionaire … lying in the middle of the hotel corridor with more than 20 of his bodyguards. Sometimes this giant rolled on the floor strangely and asked the bodyguards to do the same. Shrishti thinks that this way of giving orders gives him a refreshing, a sense of power.

Horseback riding is an aristocratic sport, and while most people consider dogs and cats to be pets, many super-rich “royal” people are quite different. Wajiha is an employee of one of the oldest and most prestigious hotels in India. Once, the leading wealthy tycoon family in this country of billions of people held a wedding for their son here. Everything is luxurious, grandiose, ostentatious. But what made the staff miserable the most was because of the groom’s request.

This young master carries his pet horse with him 24/7 the same way people take dogs and cats. But because the size of a horse is so different, the whole hotel has been in a panic for the whole week. Wajiha said he was stunned for a long time when he heard the rich kid lovingly call the horse’s name. The boy named the pet pony after his ex-wife, and the whole family of the new bride knows this.

Synthesize the super-rich ways of spending money that

Mental illness because of being too rich

Rayna – an employee at the door of a luxury hotel said: “I once met a millionaire from China. He once dreamed of becoming a singer but failed miserably, then became a technology millionaire. But his burning passion for music can never be extinguished in his heart. Specifically, every meal he requested to be served in a special empty guitar he brought himself.At first, people felt quite sympathetic because they thought this was a symptom of trauma. But until one day, he went down to the restaurant to eat and brought his “friend” who was a doll that looked exactly like Taylor Swift, and we started to get scared. wear expensive branded clothes”.

Synthesize the super-rich ways of spending money that

Willie – an employee working in a luxury restaurant shared his experience about a regular customer – who has always been in the top 500 richest people on the planet for many years. On an unusual day, the guest suddenly demanded the restaurant to serve a bizarre request, which was to let him spend the night here, right on the dining table.

But that’s not all, he bought 20 deliciously cooked lobsters placed around him while lying on the table. Next, the billionaire ordered 3 more expensive bottles of Italian wine and forced the staff to pour it into an ice jar. He slowly took off his shirt and dipped it in wine to… wash his face. Willie confirmed the man did not show any signs of being drunk or using drugs, but most likely because he was so bored that he didn’t know what to do to pass the time.

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