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How long after recovering from Covid-19 can I have sex?

After recovering from Covid-19, many people wonder if they can have sex right away and does having sex affect their health?

Before the question of many people, should abstain from sex after the question Covid-19 In order for the body to have time to recover, Ths.BS Phan Chi Thanh – Chief of the Office of the Training and Directing Center (National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology) said that sexual activity is strenuous activity but has Very positive effects such as exercise, help improve physical health.

Many scientific studies have proven that sex helps stimulate the immune system to increase its ability to fight viruses. Therefore, it is scientifically recommended that husband and wife try to resume their activities soon. This is also a way to release sex, improve health very good. Only very few cases of underlying medical conditions such as heart failure, respiratory failure, patients should consult a doctor before undertaking strenuous activities such as exercise and marital activities.

According to Ths.BS Thanh, sex is a matter of two people, so it is very necessary to share, sympathize, understand and help each other. Moreover, family activities after Covid-19 need to be diversified to suit each situation so that you can adapt to the epidemic situation as much as possible.

Ths.BS Thanh analyzed, the Covid-19 pandemic not only affects health but also affects the quality of life, especially the sex life of people.

For men, more evidence has found that the SARS-CoV-2 virus causes damage to the testicles of men infected with Covid-19. The quality and quantity of sperm were also significantly reduced in post-Covid patients.

In women, there is no evidence of damage to the ovaries and no adverse effect on the quality of the follicles.

“Therefore, women do not need to worry too much about their fertility and pregnancy during the Covid-19 season, especially infertile women,” said Doctor Thanh.

But for sex life, there are many cases of women who have decreased libido after contracting Covid-19. Ths.BS Thanh used to advise on the case of a 25-year-old woman, who lived in Hanoi and just got married, had not given birth, and felt cold in her marriage.

It is known that the patient was infected with Covid-19 during the last Lunar New Year. After a week of follow-up, the patient’s home treatment was confirmed negative and cured. Although all activities have returned to normal, the patient has no desire to have sex with her husband.

The patient shared, before the disease, the couple still had normal sex. It’s been more than 2 months since she recovered from the disease, and this woman still doesn’t want to have sex.

Ths.BS Phan Chi Thanh said, decreased libido after contracting Covid-19 comes from many causes and it is necessary to go to a doctor to know the exact reason, so that the problem can be dealt with at the root.

Doctors also pay close attention to psychological factors during and after Covid-19. In fact, the examination shows that many women have no sexual need during the physical examination, but there is no problem in the mind, but the psychology is extremely stressful, bewildered and pessimistic in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the post-Covid-19 period, many people face pressures from economy to life… all of which cause stress and anxiety for both men and women. Therefore, the time when a husband and wife are sick together needs a lot of efforts to share, love and encourage each other.

Sex is the best way to relieve stress, increase immunity, increase resistance, increase connection. Sexual relations require frank and empathetic sharing between husband and wife. Therefore, when problems arise, husband or wife should share with their partner to find better solutions.

For patients with reproductive health problems, sexual disorders, it is necessary to consult a doctor for timely treatment. If left for a long time, the problems they face will not be resolved, which will cause mental breakdown, affecting relationships and family happiness.

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