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How rich is Viet Anh ‘The Judge’?

Recently, actor Viet Anh shared a picture of his new house design on his personal page, making friends and fans admire.

Although this is only a 3D version, it can be seen that the actor has devoted a lot of effort to this property. In addition to the grandeur, the house is also carefully cared for every corner. Viet Anh calls his new villa Full House.

He wrote: “Finally, I have found the solution to my hardest problem ever, choosing the land to live in was difficult, choosing the design and construction plan according to my interests and preferences. The job is much more difficult. After exactly 6 months of putting up and down, I and my team finally found a solution to our difficult problem.”

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - first

The house has a special design of Viet Anh, using the main color is gray – white, European style.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 2

When everything “lights up”, the living space of the actor “Sinh and Death” is even more shimmering like a luxury hotel.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 3

The living room is connected to the kitchen area.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 4

Each space in the house is guaranteed to be minimalistic but still luxurious and classy.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 5

The bedroom has a large picture of the actor hanging.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 6

As a public figure, often having to appear at entertainment events, Viet Anh always focuses on investing in appearance. In his new home, the actor designed a dressing room and displayed his clothes and accessories.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 7

The bathroom uses mainly masculine black and gray tones.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 8

The swimming pool is separated from the living room by a layer of glass, creating the feeling that the house area becomes larger.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 9

Terrace with enough tables and chairs and cooking utensils.

After more than 20 years of filming, Viet Anh is currently one of the most popular TV drama actors. Not only has his appearance captivated female audiences, but his acting is highly appreciated by experts. Viet Anh shows professionalism in the ability to play diverse roles, not nailing any type of character. After causing a fever with the role of Phan Hai in the movie Judge In 2017, he continuously appeared in many hot movies such as Labyrinth, Birth and Death, Sunflower against the sun.

Thanks to its high coverage, Viet Anh has received many advertising contracts from famous brands related to cars, motorbikes, hotels, real estate, beauty salons, watches, fashion…

Before starting to build the Full House villa, Viet Anh bought a luxury apartment in Hanoi in 2017. This is his and his ex-wife Huong Tran’s nest, an area of ​​​​about 95m2, painted white. religion. In June 2019, Viet Anh’s marriage broke up and not long after that, the house was for sale.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - ten
How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 11

Inside the luxurious and elegant apartment of Viet Anh and his ex-wife.

In May 2021, when Viet Anh posted an ad for sale of his family’s garden plot in the center of Phu Quoc, many new audiences were surprised at the amount of real estate he held in his hand. In addition to garden land, Viet Anh’s family has a lot of other land in the “pearl island” of Phu Quoc.

Viet Anh is also a stylish man when playing luxury and branded cars. In 2017, he made fans “dizzy” when he bought a Bentley for 10 billion VND. Before that, he had a Range Rover worth about 5 billion VND.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - twelfth

Luxury car worth 10 billion of Viet Anh.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 13

He also has another very expensive car.

How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 14
How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 15
How rich is Viet Anh 'The Judge'?  - 16

Eyewear, designer watches are the favorite accessories of the actor.

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