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Husband enthusiastically helps neighbors in difficulty, wife is shocked when she knows the real reason-Young friend

Saturday, March 19, 2022 16:30 PM (GMT+7)

I thought my husband was generous in helping his neighbors in difficult times, but it was a play that stunned me when I knew the truth.

I am 38 years old, have been married for 12 years. Currently, my wife and I have two children together, the oldest is in 5th grade and the other is in 1st grade. After 12 years of living together, I feel satisfied with my married life, a happy family. happy, the children are also obedient, trying to learn.

Although the family economy is not rich, at this age we are also temporarily satisfied with what we have achieved. Both husband and wife have a convenient job, a good salary, have their own house, car… Every month, in addition to comfortable spending, I also save money to send my children to school in the future.

My husband is a well-mannered person, caring for his wife and children, loving and helping relatives, friends and neighbors around. Especially with her husband and wife N. neighbor. Ms. N. has a husband working abroad, affected by the epidemic, unemployed, so life is difficult, his wife still has to take care of money to send. Her biological parents and her husband’s parents are also often sick. Ms. N. has to work hard to pay for her parents’ medical treatment, while the salary is not much.

Husband enthusiastically helps neighbors in difficulty, wife is shocked when she knows the real reason - 1


Knowing the situation of Ms. N., our neighbors also mobilized each other to contribute a little to encourage and support the mother and daughter of Ms. N. My family is the most enthusiastic and helpful, because Ms. N. I also often look after the children when my wife and I are busy. My husband is inherently compassionate, so he often asks me to come over, give gifts and money to encourage Ms. N. Sometimes, my husband also goes there to play, see if he can help with something.

Seeing that Ms. N’s parents were in urgent need of money for medical treatment, the amount amounted to more than 100 million VND and possibly more. My husband did not hesitate to ask me to go to the bank to withdraw my savings and bring it to Ms. N. 200 million to take care of my work. I also wondered if such a loan would need a witness or write anything, my husband blamed his wife: “How are you, people are in trouble, I just give money to Ms. N. to take care of the work and then calculate later. Neighbors are not strangers to each other, but we have to be strict.”

I also thought carefully, it is true that I am a bit worried, helping people, repaying the debt is not over yet, let alone not paying the debt. But more and more, I see that my husband is too enthusiastic with Ms. N.’s mother and daughter. He hid from me for Ms. N.’s money, even brought Ms. N.’s mother and daughter back to her hometown, and went to visit Ms. N.’s parents who were receiving treatment. sick at the hospital… The whole neighborhood has dozens of households, but he doesn’t play with anyone, but he is very interested in Ms. N’s family.

It is true that “the needle in the bag will come out one day”, I was pained when I discovered the truth between her husband and Ms. N. Turns out, they secretly dated each other. My husband enthusiastically helps Ms. N. because she finds her beautiful, and she soon develops feelings for someone who cares and helps her in difficult times, away from her husband. I consider N. like a sister, dear, yet she dares to do that to me.

The story was revealed, both expressed remorse, regretted that I would forgive and promised to sever the relationship, hoping I would not reveal it to anyone. I also find it very awkward, if I forgive my husband and her, the pain in me is still there, thinking about them cuddling makes my tears flow again, extremely frustrated.

What should I do now, forgive or end the divorce from my cheating husband?


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