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I became a single mother who was ridiculed by everyone

Just because I love and trust people blindly, I have lost everything. From a student with many unrealized dreams and ambitions. I become single mom ridiculed by everyone.

Just when I didn’t know where to hold on to, my mother stretched out her arms to welcome me home to live. She took all the pressure from everyone on my behalf. Every time I was scolded by my father and chased away, my mother rushed to defend me. If you hear neighbor If anyone spoke ill of me, she would come to their house to vent her anger on my behalf. Thanks to my mother’s support, I had peaceful days.

After my father’s death, I thought my life would be easier, but I never expected that my brother would bring home his terrible sister-in-law to make his family not a day of peace.

It was very difficult to get a wife, so my brother cherished his sister-in-law very much. Having a husband and children, she goes to gather with friends every night, entrusting the care of children to her grandmother. My mother is old, I’m tired all day, I still have to wait for my sister-in-law to go out until 12 o’clock to come back to sleep.

Since I was a single mother, she didn’t want my brother to be unmarried. Therefore, she always endures everything, so that the couple can be happy.

I’ve been working hard for the past few years, so I have some savings. I told my mother that I wanted to buy a cheap piece of land, I’ll build a house when it’s convenient out of homecan’t live together forever, very inconvenient.

Unexpectedly, yesterday, at dinner, there were both husband and wife at home. Mom said she would cut me a piece of land to build a house. My brother didn’t say anything, but my sister-in-law got angry.

She said that I am a girl, later I will get married, why do I cut the land, that land is for my grandson to build a house. She said that if her mother gave the land to her daughter, she and her husband would not take care of her when she was sick, nor would she worship her ancestors.

After that, she went crazy, washing the dishes as if she wanted to break them. Bathing children, they don’t know how to scold their children or talk cool about their mother-in-law. At night, brothers and sisters argued loudly in the room, making the whole family unable to sleep.

Unable to be humbled by my sister-in-law anymore, my mother went up to her room and pointed at her face and said kicked out of the house. Mother said: “I can’t accept the unruly daughter-in-law anymore, get out of my house”.

By the time my mother got angry, my brother couldn’t stand up for my sister-in-law. Seeing my brother standing helpless, my sister-in-law trembled behind him, waiting for protection.

Because of the land where people quarreled wildly, it made me very sad. Do you think I should build a house on my mother’s land?

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