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“If it’s a passion, my mother won’t give up Esports”

MC Minh Nghi

With nearly 10 years associated with Esports, the love for this field of beautiful female MC Minh Nghi is something everyone knows. Having the opportunity to experience in many different positions, at any time, she perfectly fulfills her role, even contributing to leaving a good impression with international friends.

As for the female MC, now she can confidently assert that: “Nothing can stop my passion for Esports bruh bruhhh.”

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In the context of illness, poor health, and fever stickers on her forehead, the female MC still tried to sit at the table to analyze the match. Only at the end of the match did Minh Nghi rest assured to turn off the stream: “I’m sick, please excuse me from streaming until I get better, guys. As for the prize, if you can sit down, you can still do it.”

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Cat 2k4

Another female gamer who also refuses to sit still and recuperate but still broadcasts regularly, chatting with fans even though her health is not good is the cat 2k4.

It was not difficult to realize that she had to equip herself with a fever-reducing patch. Besides, the notification status line “Sick. After F0, what should I do next? Who suffers then just baby cat with. The house of two sisters has both”. However, the female streamer still tries to livestream to spread the positive spirit to the online community.

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Although somewhat tired and sluggish, but not because of that, when entering the battle, Cat 2k4 became a dumbbell. On the contrary, she still achieved KDA, which surprised Lien Quan gamers.

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Mei Mei

Meanwhile, Mei Mei shocked the world with a 22-hour Livestream with a true try-hard spirit. During the session, despite the high intensity of work, she only ate instant noodles. Eyes work continuously, when tired, Mei also only drops a few drops of nourishment, not taking a nap. She is determined to achieve the goal set initially, even though the fatigue is becoming more and more obvious.

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However, it should also be noted that, despite achieving the goal, it can be said that this is an action that is very harmful to health because playing normal games for 22 hours in a row is already tiring, but you have to play the game and interact. interact with the audience watching the stream. Still know it’s passionate, but streamers should also pay attention to their own health.

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