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When Toan brought Mai home to debut, everyone shook their heads and stuck out their tongues, not understanding at what point he loved her. Even more difficult to understand when ten years of marriage, he is still in love with his wife.

Toan is handsome, tall, educated and also belongs to “people’s children”, a stable career. Walking side by side with him, in the eyes of everyone, not only the runner-up size, but also the beauty. However, after many years of dating and love, the person he officially led to debut, counting for a hundred years, was Mai, a girl two years younger.

Not much to say, just look at Mai and everyone is shocked because they don’t understand what Toan loves her at. She is neat and active, but she can’t cover her beauty, only “not having to retake the exam” from body to skin, from face to face to hands and feet…

The “disparity of the whole episode” couple heard whispers, and speculated that Mai must have used tricks and money or something to “put Toan in the basket”. But there’s no such thing as a life, the whole world voluntarily loves Mai.

Intelligence is also... sexy

And Toan himself, if he said it clearly, what he loved Mai for, he couldn’t answer. Toan learns, dates through how many beautiful, sexy, hot girls have enough. But miserable, meeting a few times he found … pale, can not last a few months relationship.

There she was all day thinking about dressing up and shopping. Dating is an hour late, not a bit guilty, still innocent: Do you wear this dress beautifully, does the lipstick match the necklace? During the walk in the park, I agonized over every single thing I should have worn.

With her, all day, milk tea, virtual life despite the present. Dating and eating, in any setting, just taking pictures, then busy editing to get on Facebook to get likes, and when I left, I couldn’t say anything. Texting is written horizontally and vertically, the sentences are messy, with dots in the middle of sentences, commas at the end of lines, using a language he can’t tolerate.

Until Toan met Mai in a meeting of his compatriots. Her appearance seemed to “lose points” but that no longer meant anything when the two of them matched their taste in conversation.

Mai is knowledgeable, knowledgeable, he sympathizes with her right in the lines of messages written with correct spelling and syntax. Two people easily talk passionately about a topic, a place or a book without being out of phase.

After more than a year of knowing each other, the two officially said their love. More and more, Toan admitted, he “crushed” his girlfriend! Despite all the gossip, the two got married.

And nearly ten years ago, having had two children, he was still “bewildered” because of his wife. Toan is proud to have a smart and humble woman like Mai and is also worried about a smart, smart man who “steals” his wife.

The charm of wisdom

Many people have the opportunity to date a partner who is handsome, beautiful, rich, has a family background, has an attractive appearance… But after a few encounters, they leave everything behind and run away. On the contrary, there are people who are satisfied with their husbands and wives, but from the outside looking in, many people feel sorry for themselves.

Th.S, Doctor Nguyen Lan Hai, lecturer at the Women’s Theological Academy, told about the case of a couple studying at the same time as students, a handsome husband, and a beautiful wife. After giving birth, she suffered from a rare disease with skin tightening, stiffening, eyes not closing tightly, fingertips twitching, shortness of breath…

However, after many years, the husband is still faithful, loving and caring for his wife despite the unusual illness that disfigures her every day. Although her appearance is deformed, her personality is light, fresh, interesting, profound and humorous.

According to Dr. Hai, people like this couple belong to the sapiosexual group, which means intelligent intelligence. They are sexually attracted to the intelligence and mind of others. They still vibrate to other elements of the other side, but they consider intelligence and beauty to be the most attractive factors for the other half.

They lose interest very quickly if the dreamer makes spelling mistakes, slurs or brags about “ignorant but eloquent”. They can’t be comfortable having to smile wryly at trivial, boring, ungrateful stories no matter how rich, rich, or hot their partner is.

Dr. Lan Hai emphasized that science has shown that no part of the body is as sexy as the brain. This is also the largest “sex organ” in the body and the most sensitive point.

Sexual attraction by intelligence is one of the many sexual trends of the 21st century, “countering” the over-emphasis of physical attractiveness and the power of money.

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