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Interview Question: “What would you do if you were pursued by 3 colleagues at the same time?”

In recent years, many companies have asked strange questions in interviews to recruit the talent they want. Tieu Ly (China) has just graduated from university and is busy looking for a job. She tried to apply to many companies, and was finally invited by an e-commerce company for an interview.

On the day of the interview, after a series of knowledge questions, the hiring side thought that Tieu Ly was qualified to take on the job. However, they still decided to ask one more question to challenge Tieu Ly’s EQ. Specific questions are as follows:

“Our company has more male colleagues than female. Suppose there are 3 male colleagues pursuing you at the same time, how will you handle it?”.

Interview question: Being pursued by 3 colleagues at the same time, what would you do - The female candidate answered very intelligently, got the job right away - Photo 1.

Tieu Ly said that this is a rather difficult question, because it has a lot to do with personal life, if answered incorrectly, it will lose a serious point. However, the young woman did not panic, but thought about the problem and calmly asked the recruitment side: “Does our company have a policy on banning office relationships?”.

“The company has no regulations on this issue” – the recruitment side replied.

After receiving the information, Tieu Ly said: “If these 3 people don’t have a suitable one, I will not consider it. But if there is a suitable object among them, I will decide to find out seriously. With the remaining 2 colleagues, even if I don’t like it. I will also try not to make them awkward, lose confidence and let them know that I am still great.

In the end, the employers all agreed that Tieu Ly not only has solid professional capacity but also has high emotional intelligence, a very positive outlook and the ability to deal with sensitive situations.

In fact, the reason interviewers ask these questions is to test their ability to cope in the workplace. To become an excellent individual in a team environment, working capacity is not enough, but also high EQ is needed.

In addition to the above question, some employers have used the following questions to challenge candidates. Try it out and see how you would answer if asked.

– Mother and wife go into the water together, who will you save first?

How to sell combs to monks?

What is only going up, not going down?

Meet the fallen old man, do you dare to help?

HR calling you late at night, what do you think?

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