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It’s okay to love 2-3 people, as long as you’re sincere

Recently, Hien Ho suddenly became the name that was “popular” all over the internet when there was a noise about a Gen Z female singer “dating” with her senior’s husband. It is not clear what the truth of the story is, but Hien Ho immediately locked his personal page and did not have any feedback on this.

Singer Hien Ho once loudly declared: Love 2-3 people, as long as you are sincere - Photo 1.

Contacting Hien Ho, the female singer also did not respond to any information.

Amidst the whispers on social networks, netizens quickly “digged” the old statement of Hien Ho. Before that, the beauty declared: “I love 2-3 people, as long as I’m sincere”. This share of Hien Ho previously received everyone’s love, but at this time, it suddenly stirred up. Quite a few people were surprised by the somewhat different point of view of the beautiful female singer. Even many people think that the thought of this Gen Z female singer is a bit daring.

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