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Miss Phuong Khanh’s face is swollen, her eyes are red, making fans worried

On a recent personal page, miss Phuong Khanh said she is having health problems, this disease has just recovered and has another disease: “A week of weather allergies up to 3 times while before 1 month only once or not. Now allergies swollen face, sore eyes and emotional. Each time, the limbs trembled, the heart beat fast. It is necessary to go for a health check and rest.”

Phuong Khanh’s sharing made her friends and fans worried to visit and encourage her to stay healthy and get well soon.

Miss Phuong Khanh's face is swollen, her eyes are red, making fans worry - 1

Miss Phuong Khanh was gorgeously beautiful at the event (left) and her photo when she was suffering from allergies was shared (right).

Phuong Khanh’s assistant said that now, after resting and taking medicine, the beauty of the beauty queen has improved. She also did not forget to thank the fans for their concern and encouragement. Beautiful people in Ben Tre are hand-finishing embroidery pictures to bring to their own studio. During the 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Phuong Khanh has created a studio to display embossed paintings to satisfy her passion for crafts and the desire to bring newness through each of her works.

Phuong Khanh was born in 1995. She represented Vietnam to participate in Miss Earth 2018 and won the crown in the pride of fans. In addition to her remarkable academic achievements and outstanding Asian beauty, the queen is loved by many for her volunteer activities and inspirational quotes for the young generation during her reign.

At the end of May 2021, Phuong Khanh was honored in the top 10 most influential Miss in the history of Miss Earth for the past 20 years. In addition to the “hot seat” of the domestic beauty contest, she also took on the role of a judge for the Miss Earth Philippines 2021 contest.

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