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More car models with strong discounts in March

In addition to a series of sedans and crossovers from Mazda, Honda, and Nissan, many companies also apply strong promotions and discounts for car models in March, including Hyundai, Suzuki, Subaru and Volkswagen.

Popular reductions range from more than 50 to 200 million VND. The most heavily discounted models include Hyundai Grand i10, Elantra, Subaru Forester, Volkswagen Tiguan, Passat…

Many Hyundai models have strong discounts

In March, many Hyundai car models were offered discounts and free accessories at dealers, including Grand i10, Elantra, and Kona.

According to a quote from a sales representative of a Hyundai dealer in Hanoi, the Elantra C-class sedan is having the highest reduction. Specifically, the Elantra 1.6 MT version is reduced by 58 million VND to 522 million VND. These are cars manufactured in 2021.

More car models with strong discounts in March - January

Hyundai Elantra. Photo: Vinh Phuc.

Model Elantra 1.6 AT reduced by 40 million. Meanwhile, the Elantra 2.0 AT version produced in 2021 is reduced by 54 million VND. The highest Elantra Sport version is quoted at VND 730 million, down VND 39 million compared to the proposed price for cars with a VIN in 2022.

In addition, car buyers are given a set of accessories including insulation film, leather steering wheel, floor mats, perfume…

The manual versions of the Hyundai Grand i10 sedan, including 1.2 MT Standard and 1.2 MT, are reduced by 52 and 55 million dong, respectively. Grand i10 sedan 1.2 AT reduced by about 30 million. Promotion applies to cars manufactured in 2021.

More car models with strong discounts in March - February

Hyundai Grand i10 sedan. Photo: TC Motor.

Besides, the Accent floor versions and all Kona versions are being reduced by about 20-50 million VND depending on the dealer.

Volkswagen cars reduced by 35-200 million

Volkswagen offers a promotion in the form of registration fee support and free accessories for Polo, Tiguan and Passat models in March.

The Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Elegance version is supported with 100% of the registration fee, equivalent to about 170 million VND. In which, VND 120 million is deducted directly from the selling price, accompanied by a set of accessories worth VND 50 million that cannot be converted to cash.

More car models with strong discounts in March - March

Volkswagen Tiguan. Photo: Tuan Khanh.

The most advanced Tiguan Allspace Luxury S version is supported with a part of the registration fee, equivalent to a reduction of 65 million VND.

In addition, the hatchback variant of the B-class Volkswagen Polo model is also supported with a registration fee of 35 million VND.

Volkswagen Passat D-class sedan has the biggest discount. The highest Blue Motion High version of this car is priced at 1.48 billion VNDis supported 100% of registration fee equivalent to a reduction of 200 million VND.

Subaru Forester reduced 184-199 million

In March, Subaru Forester versions are directly discounted from VND 184-199 million to the selling price in the form of a registration fee incentive, accompanied by a gift set.

More car models with strong discounts in March - April

Photo: Toan Thien.

In which, the Forester iL version is reduced by 199 million VND, the new price is 929 million VND. Car buyers are given an entertainment screen.

The highest version of Forester iS EyeSight is reduced by 184 million VND to 1,104 billion VND Comes with gifts including entertainment screen, automatic folding mirror, automatic door lock with integrated intelligent warning and one-year maintenance package.

Suzuki discounts Ertiga, XL7

Suzuki applies promotions for two MPV Ertiga and XL7 lines in March, including registration fee support and physical insurance package.

Specifically, all versions of Suzuki Ertiga are reduced by 50-56 million VND, equivalent to 100% of the registration fee. In which, the Ertiga 5MT model reduced by 50 million VND to 445 million VND. Ertiga Sport version reduced by 56 million VND to 504 million VND. These are vehicles with a production year of 2021.

More car models with strong discounts in March - May

Photo: Vinh Phuc.

Suzuki XL7 model with VIN 2021 is supported by 50% of the registration fee, equivalent to a reduction of 49.5 million VND, the new price is 540 million VND, comes with 2 years of physical insurance (one year for cars manufactured in the same year). 2022).

In addition, the B-class Swift 2021 model is also being promoted by Suzuki, but only includes 2 years of material insurance worth about 15 million VND.

All Mitsubishi models are on promotion

Mitsubishi applies promotions and discounts for all car models in March, including support for registration fees, gift accessories, fuel vouchers, material insurance…

The Attrage small sedan is reduced by 19-24 million VND, equivalent to 50% of the registration fee. Depending on the version, customers are given a fuel voucher worth 10 million VND and an accessory set of about 7 million VND.

More car models with strong discounts in March - June

Photo: Toan Thien.

Similarly, Xpander MT, AT and Xpander Cross are also supported with 50% of the registration fee, about 28-33 million VND, with a fuel voucher of 12 million VND. Customers who buy the highest versions of Xpander and Xpander Cross will only receive a fuel voucher of VND 20 million.

The newly launched Mitsubishi Outlander 2022 does not have a discount, but only a gift including a 9-inch Android screen, material insurance and a 360-degree camera, applicable to both versions.

More car models with strong discounts in March - July

Photo: Hoang Tuan.

The Pajero Sport SUV is supported with 50% of the registration fee (VND 56-68 million) for 2 diesel engine variants. Meanwhile, only the Triton 4×2 AT MIVEC pickup version is promoted by the company with gifts including box cover, reversing camera or physical insurance, reversing camera.

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