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‘Musician Ngoc Chau is gentle, gentle and delicate like the songs he wrote’

The news that musician Ngoc Chau died on March 17 due to end-stage heart failure has shocked many friends and fans. Because in recent years, musician Ngoc Chau has lived a rather private life. He does not participate in regular art programs or activities.

'Songwriter Ngoc Chau is gentle, gentle and delicate like the songs he wrote' - 1

The ceremony to visit musician Ngoc Chau takes place at 12 noon on March 19 in Hanoi.

Present at the funeral of musician Ngoc Chau at Funeral House No. 5 Tran Thanh Tong, Hanoi, many artists close to the late musician couldn’t contain their emotions when talking about their dear friend and brother.

Composer Hong Quan shared: “Musician Ngoc Chau is one of the pioneers in using modern technology in music since the 90s. Musicians always approach the highest technologies, making their own high-quality studios. It is thanks to that foundation that Vietnamese music has made remarkable progress over the past 30 years, one of which is going deep into technology.

Ngoc Chau is a very gentle, emotional person, always living her life to the fullest with family and friends, but she left so early. Although we had prepared, when we received this information, it was still sudden.”

'Musician Ngoc Chau is gentle, gentle and delicate like the songs he wrote' - 2

Musician Do Hong Quan – President of the Vietnam Musicians Association – mourns for a talent gone forever.

Throughout his musical career, musician Ngoc Chau has had the merit of guiding and supporting many artists. As one of the people who were helped by the late musician from the first days of his career, singer Minh Quan choked up when he recalled his memories with his senior: “My most impressive memory with Mr. Ngoc Chau is meeting him for the first time in a vocal casting session for the Watermelon group. At that time I was a young singer just starting out, I was very nervous and worried. It was he. Chau is the one who taught me how not to tremble in front of the audience, and also taught me how to sing in harmony with Tuan Hung, Anh Tu as well as how to handle the song professionally.

Mr. Ngoc Chau is the one who gave me the song ‘Golden Autumn’ to perform in the VTV3 program I love. During the production of that song, he always stood by me and supported me from production to recording to perfect the song in the best way. During the time I worked at the Youth Theater, he was always dedicated to helping me as well as other artists, ready to give advice if he saw that I chose the wrong song. I always remember his saying that you always have to worry about each word, have to find a way to handle the most delicate lyrics.

'Songwriter Ngoc Chau is gentle, gentle and delicate like the songs he wrote' - 3

Singer Minh Quan writes a funeral book.

'Musician Ngoc Chau is gentle, gentle and delicate like the songs he wrote' - 4

The emotional farewell of singer Minh Quan to musician Ngoc Chau.

Before retiring to a quiet and peaceful life, musician Ngoc Chau actively participated in the role of music producer for television programs, including Music game. Also attached to the program for many years, MC Anh Tuan cannot forget the days of practicing with musician Ngoc Chau: “Mr. Ngoc Chau is a gentle and lovely person in everything. When working, he is always enthusiastic and careful. Me and him work and talk together a lot when we work together on the program ‘The Sound Game’. music’. Every time we finished filming, we would go out to eat and drink. When I heard the news of his passing, I was extremely shocked.”

In the memory of musician Giang Son, musician Ngoc Chau has always been a gentle and affectionate person: “Me and Mr. Chau accompanied him in the program ‘Morning Star, rendezvous’, that was also the first time I met him. In my impression, Mr. Chau is like his works, very gentle, gentle, delicate, romantic and elegant according to the standards of Hanoi people. He is always enthusiastic and takes heavy work on himself.”

'Musician Ngoc Chau is gentle, gentle and delicate like the songs he wrote' - 5

Musician Giang Son shed tears when talking about his memories with musician Ngoc Chau.

It is the affection for this lovely musician that makes musician Giang Son believe his ears when he receives the news that musician Ngoc Chau has suddenly passed away: “I received news from musician Do Bao while on my way to work, and everyone was stunned. Because 2 weeks ago he also shared a status line on social networks with the meaning of having passed. The danger made us musicians very happy. I thought that when a person came back from the door of death, he would have a stronger vitality and he would overcome the illness. But…”.

Musician Ngoc Chau was born in 1967 in Hanoi in a family rich in artistic traditions. He is the son of Meritorious Artist Vu Dau and lute player Pham Ngoc Huong, whose sister is singer Khanh Linh, famous for her clear voice, which is likened to a nightingale. The compositions of musician Ngoc Chau such as Whispering Spring, Afternoon Spring, Today’s Co Tam, Golden Autumn… They left a deep impression in the hearts of many generations of audiences.

'Musician Ngoc Chau is gentle, gentle and delicate like the songs he wrote' - 6

Composer Ngoc Chau (1967 – 2022).

The male musician died at 7:20 a.m. on March 17 at 108 Hospital due to end-stage heart failure. After the visitation ceremony at the funeral home at No. 5 Tran Thanh Tong, the musician’s body was interred in his hometown in Ngoc Lau village, Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi.

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