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Newcastle play big in the summer of 2022: Offer £ 200 million, luring PSG to sell Neymar

The British press said that Newcastle would offer a huge price to invite PSG to sell Neymar.


Neymar’s dribbling skills

British press said Newcastle It is entirely possible this summer to approach Paris Saint-Germain to create the biggest transfer blockbuster ever, following the way PSG themselves did in 2017 when they set a new transfer record. World Football. And Newcastle’s goal is also the star of that record: Neymar.

Newcastle play big in the summer of 2022: Offer 200 million pounds, entice PSG to sell Neymar - 1

Newcastle is reviving under coach Eddie Howe and is starting to dream big

The Daily Mail (UK) said that Newcastle had a plan to recruit troops for the summer, but they would not miss the opportunity to attract public attention with such a super deal. Newcastle this season is in a fairly safe position on the Premier League table thanks to an extremely impressive record after being led by coach Eddie Howe, there have even been predictions that they can finish the season in the top half of the table if maintain good form.

Of course, being taken over by the new owner, the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, means that Newcastle wants to rise to a higher level instead of just relegating every year, because now they no longer have to worry about financial problems. However, besides adding good players at all levels, Newcastle also wants to own at least 1 superstar to attract great attention to St. James Park.

Neymar after 5 years has not been successful in bringing the Champions League to PSG despite his best efforts, especially in the journey to the 2020 final. He was even booed by fans recently. PSG is next to Lionel Messi, and with Kylian Mbappe preparing to leave the Parc des Princes to go to La Liga to play, public opinion is raising big questions about PSG’s ability to compete for the European championship in the coming years.

Neymar’s performance at PSG has actually decreased year by year, scoring 28 goals in the first season but then falling to 23, 19, 17 respectively and this season only 5 goals even though the season has not ended. There are rumors that PSG will reorganize the operating system and bring in a famous coach to shape the game, and these changes will make Neymar no longer be well-treated.

Newcastle play big in the summer of 2022: Offer 200 million pounds, entice PSG to sell Neymar - 3

There are rumors that PSG will change the apparatus and accept Neymar’s departure

Newcastle are hoping that will get Neymar sold out of France soon and they will be ready to welcome him with difficult economic conditions, and a fee for PSG of around £ 200 million. However, there are many obstacles, Neymar does not like to come to England to play football and there are conflicts between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The two countries normalized diplomatic relations last year after four years of tension, but the Qataris are unlikely to easily release their superstar to Saudi Arabia.

According to the Daily Mail, Newcastle also do not have high expectations for success if they bid to buy Neymar, but they hope that such willingness to play will resonate with the transfer market and help continue to attract stars to them. . The players now know that Newcastle is a rich team, but they want to know how the players will be treated if they join, especially world superstars.

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