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Walking around the personal page of female singer Gen Z Hien Ho quite a lot of people have to admire and envy because of the extremely luxurious and classy life of the beauty born in 1997. It seems that the beauty has had a good time to rest. long to enjoy life.

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On Hien Ho’s personal page, she often shares pictures of her life, which are outings with friends and especially her hobby these days – golfing. Many people even joked that Hien Ho posted more photos of golfing than “check-in” on stage.

Not only working hard at “check-in” at the golf course, netizens also discovered that Hien Ho is also “extremely hard” showing off extremely hot bikini photos.

If you can’t find Hien Ho at the golf course, maybe you will accidentally meet the singer at a swimming pool or a certain beach?

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Hien Ho’s “super-burnt” body when wearing lingerie.

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