Quang Hai suddenly faced ‘great difficulty’ when going abroad to Europe

As reported in the past, the future of Quang Hai is becoming hotter than ever, when more and more different speculations appear about the landing of the player born in 1997. Europe, more specifically Switzerland or Austria, are still the most popular national championships. Appreciate being selected by Quang Hai. However, all had to pause to think when it came to this detail.

Accordingly, the transfer market in Europe will open around June – the time when the national championships have ended. However, Quang Hai’s contract with Hanoi FC will expire in April. Thus, if the prospect of going abroad to Europe really takes place, the Dong Anh midfielder will have to practice on his own for 2 months.

Quang Hai suddenly faced great difficulties when going abroad to Europe - Photo 1.

The opening time of the market in Europe is a challenge for Quang Hai

Having to practice on their own and not be on the field to play, for professional players, this is like a risky “gamble”. Because, there have been many cases where even though they still tried hard to practice, the lack of competition made them lose their form, and it was even difficult to regain the top of their careers. before.

In fact, Quang Hai and his representative must have made careful calculations for this. Although the above details are a very interesting point, it is still not excluded that the 1997 midfielder will choose Europe as the next destination in his career.

Setting aside the future, Quang Hai and his teammates on the Vietnam team will have a welcome to Oman on March 24 at My Dinh Stadium. By March 29, the trip to the field of the Japanese national team will officially close the historic journey at VLWC 2022 of the golden star warriors.

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