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The delegation of ASEAN countries highly appreciated Quang Ninh’s preparation for SEA Games 31

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The multi-purpose stadium has a scale of 5,000 seats and can add 1,600 seats to ensure fans participate in cheering.

7/40 sports competed in Quang Ninh at SEA Games 31 include: triathlon (at Tuan Chau); Women’s football (at Cam Pha Stadium); Indoor volleyball (at the 5,000-seat Dai Yen Multi-Purpose Gymnasium, Ha Long City); Volleyball; beach handball (at Tuan Chau island); Chess (at the Legacy Yen Tu Resort) and Chess (at the Provincial Planning Palace, Fair and Exhibition).

After visiting and surveying the competition venues in Quang Ninh, the ASEAN sports delegations highly appreciated the local’s preparation of facilities, equipment and technical infrastructure for the 31st SEA Games. direction.

Mr. SamBrano, Deputy Secretary General of the Philippine Olympic Committee, Deputy Head of the Philippine Sports Delegation to the 31st SEA Games, President of the Philippine Skateboard Federation after surveying the infrastructure at the 5,000-seat Multi-Purpose Gymnasium. Indoor volleyball has been very satisfying, especially when Quang Ninh province can arrange 1,600 more seats if necessary. “I find the preparation process of the Organizing Committee very good, we are extremely satisfied and look forward to coming here to experience the bustling atmosphere of the 31st SEA Games.”

Mr. SamBrano also shared that at first, when he saw the information, the distance between Hanoi and Quang Ninh was nearly 200km, but when he moved, he realized that Vietnam’s highways are very well made, so he and the team felt secure. According to Mr. SamBrano, the Gymnasium has world-class facilities and facilities and believes that Quang Ninh in particular and Vietnam in general are very hospitable, will meet the conditions and standards of the organization. competition.

In the joy and excitement of coming to Quang Ninh for the first time, Mr. Chong Fui Kim, Head of Sports and Marketing Department of the Singapore Olympic Committee said: “During the past 2 years, due to the epidemic situation. has greatly affected the preparation, but through the competition venues in Quang Ninh, I see that almost all the points are ready for this congress. I feel respect for the people of Vietnam and the Vietnam SEA Games Organizing Committee for their determination to organize the Games during the complicated epidemic situation. I believe the conference will take place successfully.”

The delegation of ASEAN countries highly appreciated Quang Ninh’s preparation for SEA Games 31
Inspecting Cam Pha Stadium, the delegation highly appreciated the quality of the stadium and the preparation work of Quang Ninh province.

At Cam Pha Stadium, with a scale of 16,000 seats, the women’s football game of the 31st SEA Games will take place, Mr. Chong Fui Kim emotionally expressed his surprise because Quang Ninh is a provincial locality but has a stadium. international scale. With the grass and playing conditions invested, modern equipment makes him believe that the organization of women’s football will go very well. The Singapore representative believes that his athletes will have great experiences here. Mr. Chong Fui Kim said that with these conditions, it is easy to understand when the Vietnamese women’s team won the right to participate in the World Cup. Especially the decorations, celebrations, propaganda banners about the Congress on beautiful routes and venues…

Up to this point, the number of auxiliary training houses for athletes of the delegations has been completed about 80%. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, Deputy Director of Department of Culture and Sports; The deputy local steering committee said that the lighting system will be adjusted to meet the needs and installed additional lights to ensure the best conditions for the congress. It is expected that in the next 30 days, the stages will be completed to serve the competition…

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Security control room at the 5,000-seat multi-purpose gymnasium.

For the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic at the locations assigned to the Health and Doping Subcommittee of Quang Ninh province, to develop detailed plans and assign specific branches and facilities for medical examination and treatment. Especially the measures to prevent and control the epidemic to best control, ensure security, health, doping testing …

For the reporting of domestic and international press agencies, at each competition site, the local Organizing Committee builds a media room plan. Along with that, the province developed a plan to work with telecommunications groups in the area to ensure the information technology system to serve the 31st SEA Games.

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