The family has to get a quick divorce!

In educating children, the most beneficial thing for a child’s spiritual development is not expensive toys, much less pretty clothes, but the love of parents.

Recently, a Chinese mother shared her daughter’s heartbreaking story on social media, warning parents to pay more attention to their children. Specifically, her daughter has just turned 6 years old this year. Both father and mother have busy jobs, so they send their daughter to their grandmother, only picking up their daughter on weekends.

At first, the girl was obedient, understanding and listening to her grandmother. However, in the last few days, she often complains of stomach pain, strangely, the days of abdominal pain fall every Friday. This made the mother very worried, and rushed to take her daughter to the hospital for examination.

Daughter often has abdominal pain on Friday, the family takes it to the doctor, where the doctor concludes 1 sentence: The family must get a quick divorce!  - Photo 1.

The mother rushed her daughter to the hospital when she often complained of abdominal pain.

After many tests, the doctor concluded that the girl was in normal health, without any problems. However, the doctor suggested talking to the child’s mother privately, saying that she was just… pretending to be sick.

“She said that only on weekends, the family is full of members, but both parents only know how to quarrel. At first, she was very hopeful on weekends, but when did the family talk? It also ends with noise and quarrels.

Her daughter discovered that if she was sick, her parents would love her more and stop arguing. That’s also the reason why she only got stomachache on Friday – when the family got together” – the doctor shared with the mother about the child’s “illness”.

Not only that, this doctor also advised the couple to consider divorce, if they don’t want the child to have psychological problems such as depression, or anxiety disorder… Immediately, both father and son The girl’s mother felt embarrassed, silently blaming herself for easily saying heavy words right in front of her daughter.

Daughter often has abdominal pain on Friday, the family takes it to the doctor, where the doctor concludes 1 sentence: The family must get a quick divorce!  - Photo 2.

In today’s society, there are many reasons why parents do not give enough love for their children, such as busy work, social pressure… However, every parent needs to be careful. to the child’s abnormal behavior.

It could be a sign that a child is hurting from deep inside, but still doesn’t know how to properly share his feelings with adults. Here are 3 notes for parents to better care for and educate their children:

Chat with your child: Adults should spend time confiding with children, to understand the difficulties and stories children go through every day. Especially in the exchange process, parents should communicate with their children like a friend, accepting to listen to their children’s inner voices. This not only promotes family relationships, but is also beneficial for cultivating children’s independent character and language ability from a young age.

Avoid unnecessary arguments in front of children: Many psychologists point out that discordant family relationships negatively affect the mental health of young children. Therefore, fathers and mothers should learn to control emotions and solve problems from a positive perspective. From there, forming a harmonious family atmosphere, helping children grow up in happiness.

Limit your child’s use of electronic devices: With the advancement of technology, electronic products are gradually present in all aspects of life. Children exposed to social networks and the Internet from too early can be easily immersed in the virtual world, stagnant in thinking and affecting health if the time used is too much in a day. Therefore, parents can direct their children to participate in physical activities instead of spending too much time on computers or phones.

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