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The family is full of editor-in-chief, legendary writer… even more shocking to see his academic achievements

In recent days, supermodel Ha Anh is a name that has been noticed by the online community when participating in the program The Next Gentleman – Mr. Hoan My. In particular, the irreverent verbal fights of supermodel and coach Xuan Lan are one of the highlights of the show and attract a large number of viewers.

However, in a recent broadcast, what made people excited about Ha Anh was not from the controversy with the coaches, but from the moment when the supermodel showed off her huge family.

In a private talk between Ha Anh and team members, she said she was born in a family of knowledge. From grandparents to parents of female supermodels are all successful and influential people.

Clip: Supermodel Ha Anh shares a huge family background

According to Ha Anh’s share, her grandfather is the late writer Vu Tu Nam, her grandmother used to be Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam Women’s Newspaper. She added that her grandmother works very close close to the leaders of the Vietnam Women’s Union.

The supermodel’s father is a designer and has participated in the production team of many famous films such as Quiet Americans, King Kong: Island, Summer in a straight line, Dien Bien Phu, Tomb of the Dead…

Meanwhile, Ha Anh’s mother is Reporter of Vietnam Women’s Newspaper. Many years ago, her mother was known as “Sister Thanh Tam”.

The female supermodel said that her mother used to be a helper and debugger for many women, especially women in the countryside, who could not be approached. with the rules of marriage and family. Besides, bShe is also a translator of many famous books and studied abroad in Hungary with a degree in Economic Engineering.

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During the talk, supermodel Ha Anh said that she always tries to be a person of justice, love and charity. Because these are the educational values ​​that her family gave her from an early age.

Before that, Ha Anh was a former British student with a major in Business Marketing. It is known that the female supermodel once shared that during her time studying abroad, she constantly got A’s in class for Economics, Business… but she doesn’t feel like she wants to go to famous schools.

From a young age, Ha Anh was invested in her studies by her family, with a comprehensive Western-style education method. She used to be a student English major from Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted.


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