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The girl is fed up with the diamond ring proposal and the ending

The love of your life gets down on one knee and asks if you’ll agree to marry him, which is exactly the moment Bee Finnegain has been waiting for for the past four years. But when that moment actually happened, she was still not completely happy because the ring and the way her fiancé proposed did not satisfy her.

Bee posted the story on TikTok to express her feelings, and her video series has attracted a lot of attention from the online community. In the video, Bee explains that she made it very clear to her lover, and now husband, about the ring propose that she wanted to receive in advance.

Because both confirmed relationship together and Bee knew for sure that one day he would be proposed, so he took the initiative to say his wish.

“I always emphasized to him that I don’t put any demands on the size of the diamond, or the cut, the transparency, or the price… I really don’t care about those factors. I just want a diamond. diamond ring with a glittering halo,” Bee shared.

The thing that Bee finds most reprehensible about her husband is that he did not pay attention to her wishes, nor did he ask family, friends or close people about her favorite engagement ring.

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The girl tells her story.

So, when he was proposed with a diamond ring without a halo, Bee was very disappointed and sad.

“I don’t think it’s ugly. It’s really beautiful, but it’s not the kind I like. When I got home, my mom asked me if I liked the ring, I couldn’t help but burst into tears. I hated it. that ring, how can I wear it for the rest of my life?”, Bee confided.

“You know, when someone has just been proposed to, people around will be curious and ask: ‘You like that diamond so much, don’t you? It’s perfect, isn’t it? Do you like the ring? Is it like you imagined?” At times like that, you’ll have to say, “Um, like, my God, I love it.” But then you have to turn your face away and cry because you’re lying.

So, just a week later, Bee directly called his lover and confessed that he didn’t like the ring, even though it might upset him. She also wants her fiancé to understand her feelings and find a way to repair that ring.

Bee’s husband was also very pleased with her, so he immediately took her to the jewelry store and let her decide on another ring. Bee shared: “He can exchange the ring and get his money back. So I chose for myself a ring that I like best. The new ring costs twice as much as the old one, but because I liked it, he was happy to exchange it. give me”.

Not only that, but Bee also said that she was also not satisfied with her husband’s proposal, if not hated. Once again she blamed her husband for not consulting family or close friends to better understand her desire for a romantic proposal.

Bee dreamed of her husband kneeling to ask for a wedding in an outdoor space, when the sun was setting and the romantic sunset covered the space. Contrary to her imagination, her future husband arranged to propose in the lobby to buy plane tickets.

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The woman asked to exchange her engagement ring.

Her husband made her worry that the plane ticket was in trouble, but turned around to see the staff holding a huge bouquet of flowers and giving it to her and him. knelt as she turned behind her. But at that time, the number suddenly popped up in Bee’s head: “Do I have to carry this huge bouquet of flowers on the plane? While there’s still a bunch of luggage, oh!”.

He asked her: “Do you agree to marry me?“. Then she asked again and again: “Do you have to do this at the airport? At the damn airport?“. Although uncomfortable, but fortunately she finally said yes and that person became her current husband.

The online community after watching Bee’s video left many comments expressing their opinions. There are many people who think that she is too fastidious to her husband and is a bit excessive when she shows an unpleasant attitude during the marriage proposal as well as crying to change the ring.

But many people think that Bee has the right to express his wishes, especially for events of special significance such as marriage proposals. Bee had also told her husband about his wishes in advance, so he should have been more observant to please her.

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