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The man in Binh Phuoc had his throat cut and died on the porch

Called out by a young man who came to the house to talk, a man in Binh Phuoc was cut in the neck by his opponent, and died on the porch.

Binh Phuoc Provincial Police this afternoon (March 19) is coordinating with Bu Dop District Police to examine the scene, conduct autopsies, and investigate the murder case that caused the death of a man.

The man in Binh Phuoc was cut in the neck, died in front of the porch
The area where the murder took place – Photo: TT

The incident happened in the morning of the same day at a house in Tan Thanh commune, Bu Dop district, Binh Phuoc province. The victim is Mr. Tran Minh Nguyet (39 years old).

According to initial information, around 8 am on the same day, Mr. Nguyet and his wife were sleeping in their house in Tan Phu hamlet (Tan Thanh commune, Bu Dop district) when Nguyen Duy Cuong (30 years old, living in the same hamlet came knocking on the door to call out). talk.

While the two were talking on the porch, an argument broke out that led to a scuffle. Hearing the argument, Nguyet’s wife came out to see the two lying on the ground struggling, Cuong holding a machete in his hand.

At this time, Mr. Nguyet’s wife intervened but could not, so she ran out to ask for help.

When family members ran to them, they discovered that Mr. Nguyet had collapsed next to a pool of blood and died afterwards. Particularly, subject Cuong left the scene after committing the crime.

The police agency is conducting an arrest for Cuong to investigate.

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