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The plane ticket exposed the husband’s adultery

Adultery in marriage can be forgiven or not, depending on the way of thinking and acting of each person. If you feel that the “happy” habit is just fleeting and think more about the future, taking care of our children, we will find it easier to forgive. However, you also need to consider the trauma you have encountered in the past. Would you take the risk one more time to endure that emotional negativity? Sometimes, determined to leave is the best solution. Listen to T.’s story below and you’ll understand why.

The plane ticket exposed the husband’s adultery

In T.’s eyes, her husband is a man makes good money, but he is a bit irresponsible in family affairs. To put it bluntly, T.’s husband is playful, he likes to enjoy and pamper himself after working hard. So T. herself felt very miserable, even pitiful, especially during the period when she was pregnant and raising a small child.

The plane ticket exposed the husband's adultery and the wife's excellent handling made the opponent regret it in time - Photo 1.


T.’s husband’s group of friends includes both men and women. When he was newly married, T. also knew and contacted this group of friends a few times. She also thought that they had been playing together for a long time, and it would be impossible for love in the group to happen. Besides, T. believes that her husband is a decent man who will not be able to fall into useless relationships. But then time made the woman “open her eyes”.

The time when T.’s child was constantly sick with fever was also the time when she and her husband had the most conflicts. She just hopes that he can share the work with his wife and help T. because taking care of a sick child is not easy. Yet the response was just indifference, always T.’s husband said “busy”. On top of that, he even traveled on her hardest days.

Telling her husband not to listen, T. had to let him do whatever he wanted. While moving house, T. also discovered on her husband’s desk two plane tickets, which were her husband’s tickets. T. began to feel strange, but she was determined to investigate in silence and not tell her husband.

By asking a few male friends of her husband, T. found that everyone said they didn’t know about this trip. Then, with the sharpness of a woman, T. immediately discovered that her husband was with a girl in the other group. Even a male friend admitted that, recently, T.’s husband and this girl often “play odd” really. The anger in the woman was pushed to a peak. She believes that her husband is having an affair and is “stealing” outside. At this point, T. definitely couldn’t forgive him any more.

The wife’s handling phase made the opponent regret it in time

When her child was sick, T. couldn’t ask her parents for help, so she had to call a friend who has medical expertise. After that, she and her son took things and went to that friend’s house. Fortunately, T.’s friend is still single and lives alone, so she has plenty of room for her mother and daughter. She doesn’t want to live in suffering days in the couple’s house, because just thinking about it makes her heart ache. up already.

The plane ticket exposed the husband's adultery and the wife's excellent handling made the opponent regret it in time - Photo 2.


Fortunately, after only 2 days, T.’s child recovered from illness, he began to recover and get better. T.’s husband traveled for 4 days before returning. But he did not see his wife and children, so he called. In response to her husband’s “fake anxiety”, T. said on the phone: “I know all about the affair, don’t deny it. Now my mother and I want to be at peace. When the baby is well, I will go home and talk to you.”

The man at that time was a bit disheartened, he did not think his wife would be high-handed and know all his lies. A few days later, T. returned home, holding a divorce paper in his hand. She believes that she did the right thing, because just thinking back to the lonely days of taking care of her children, T.’s heart felt so sad. In the end, the treacherous man regretted it, but could not save the marriage anymore. After a while, T. gradually regained balance, she lived happily with her children, trying to start over. This is a lesson for women facing the cracks of marriage. Do not forgive those who have left you in difficult times. Khien-doi-phuong-hoi-han-khong-kip-20220319165351949.chn

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