Tieu Tam sent a message to her lover’s house, the girl was exposed

Being involved with a promiscuous guy is really not a pleasant thing at all.

In love, if you are deceived, you will not know which way to go. Recently, a girl shared a post about her boyfriend having an affair. However, behind that, there are tons of other dramas that make anyone who reads it, also has a headache.

The girl found out her boyfriend was having an affair

It is known that the girl and her lover dating been in love for the past 1 year and just broke up on March 14, 2022 because of discovering the other side was having an affair.

“In the last 2 months, I discovered A’s hidden actions. During 1 year and 3 months of knowing each other, I didn’t care what A. did or went out with.

A. I told my friend I believed the same and didn’t check my phone. But I don’t understand how I felt on the afternoon of March 14, I opened A.’s phone to see Instagram messages. Just open the 2nd nick in the list of nicks that are texting and all messages will appear asking to go out, pick up and drop off, the other female friend sends many sexy photos showing off her body.

Messages to invite female friends to have sex while I’m at work in the same bed I still hug A. to sleep every weekend I pass.

Right now, my limbs are shaking, but I still try to take my phone to take a picture of the message because I know A. will find a way to justify it, and put me in the position of being the one who made up everything.” the girl told.

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Then, she texted the third guy and discovered that the other girl didn’t know A. had a lover.

At this point, A. appeared and apologized and explained that he only met Tieu Tam when he was in need, never went out alone or spent money and never brought home. The two sides have only had a relationship for a month.

By this time, she had broken up and blocked all of A’s accounts.

“Then I posted an Instagram story to tell the story of A. having an affair. He quickly called to ask to delete the story and said that I was knocking over the rice bowl. Hearing those words, I was even more disappointed so I blocked the phone number to A. cannot be contacted anymore.

A. over the house to stand in front of his house to talk. I don’t want to hear any more explanations from A. because all of them are inaudible.” she continued.

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The girl texted herself to the third guy.

Then A. met her mother, bowed her head in apology and begged her to delete the story. Because she listened to her mother, she did so, not to keep the face of the other adulterous lover.

The girl who happened to be the third person

She continued to talk about their love journey. During 1 year and 3 months together, they broke up for about 2 months from August to October 2021. When breaking up, A. went out with a female friend and until he returned to the other girl, he continued to have that relationship.

She further revealed: “Turns out I was wrong, A. has known that girl since 2020 and not since August when she broke up with me. What made me no longer attached to this terrible love was that I found out when he was flirting with me. I, I accidentally became the 3rd person of another sister.

Although I didn’t know at that time, A. had a girlfriend, but I would like to apologize to A’s ex-lover.”

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Message from A. and minor tam.

It is known that now she has happily overcome the above relationship because it is not worth it. She also sees A. as a character to be avoided and sends a warning to everyone.

Accompanying the post are the pictures of A.’s message and the third person taken by the girl. In addition, there is a message she sent to tell the other party that A. has a lover and is in a state of “two boats”.

“- Honey, do you know if I have a boyfriend.

– That’s terrible, I don’t know, when is that.

– The one who loves you.

– Oh, you have a girlfriend, but why do you still go to bed with me?”this is a text message from A.’s girlfriend who took A.’s phone to a third person.

Behind is a series of messages from A. to his lover. It’s all about going on dates, inviting out to eat, or even inviting over to play. Even when she and A. are traveling, he also texts to flirt with other girls.

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The lines of messages prove the story adultery.

The climax is when both mentioned the mattress at A’s house. This proves that this girl also often comes to the house, even lying on A’s bed.

“- In my house, sleeping is associated with the rising sun.

– Really, really sticky, the mattress, miss it.

With enough evidence above, adultery cannot be denied. Unlucky for the girl who fell in love with a womanizer.

Many netizens believe that in this case, it is advisable to break up bluntly, there is no longer any attachment. Overcoming this toxic relationship is success.

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