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Using a car: Ways to understand “it’s not like that”

We continue to learn word of mouth tips that today no longer apply to modern cars.

Lower the rear bumper of the pickup to save fuel

In contrast, the test showed lower rear bumper pickup truck When the car is running, it will use more fuel. The alternative is to replace the rear bumper with a metal mesh panel.

Periodic tweaking is good

It is true that old cars need to be checked and tweaked periodically to operate smoothly. However, today’s cars have computers that do that job. The computer will notify when the car has any signs to keep an eye on.

Turning off the engine and turning it back on consumes more fuel than idling

The answer depends on whether you own a new or used car. Many cars today are also equipped with an automatic shutdown system when the light is red, proving that we can save fuel when the engine is turned off.

Cold air intake increases engine power

Cool air is better for the engine than hot air, but cold air intake has almost no effect on vehicle performance.

Using a car: Ways to understand 'it's not like that'
Technology is necessary but cannot completely replace the driver

Technology makes driving better

Technologies such as traction control, stability control, lane assist or sensors can help us drive safer, but cannot completely replace the person behind the wheel.

Good off-road SUV

High ground SUVs can run off-road well, but it should be noted that many SUVs do not have four-wheel drive. Even with four-wheel drive, conventional SUVs are more suitable for road driving than off-road driving.

Manual transmission is better than automatic

Many people still believe that an automatic transmission is not as interesting or even as unsafe as a manual transmission. In fact, modern automatic transmissions are already on par with manual transmissions in terms of performance, speed and fuel economy.

Buying a car is an investment

It is true that there are models that become iconic over time, but it takes a long time and a lot of luck. In general, cars depreciate quickly and are rarely seen as an investment.

Hiding behind the car will not be hit by bullets

When watching action movies, we all see the main character hiding behind a car and safe from the rain of bullets. Unless this is the only option, bullets can normally go through cars.

Using a car: Ways to understand 'it's not like that'
Bullets can pass through cars

Turning on the air conditioner saves more fuel than opening the window

In fact, on the contrary, turning on the air conditioner always uses more fuel than opening the window.

Don’t drive a convertible in the rain

Usually when driving a convertible and encountering rain, we will stop and turn on the roof. However, if we run fast enough, we won’t really get wet.

Old car is better than new car

Both types of vehicles have their own advantages and disadvantages and come down to personal preference. However, old cars will not have modern safety features like new cars.

Fast police car

Except for some countries that allow police to use super cars, in general, police cars are average in strength and speed.

Intelligent Recovery (according to StarsInsider)

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