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Violent scenes of Ka-52 raging

Below is a translation of the article posted on Topwar.ru:

“Today the Russian Ministry of Defense released a video of an armed helicopter Ka-52 entered the war while protecting troops landing on a target – namely a Ukrainian military airfield.

It is reported that the first stage of the attack was to neutralize enemy fire points equipped with anti-aircraft artillery and MANPADS (portable anti-aircraft missiles).

In addition, with the use of Russian Army Ka-52 and Mi-24 attack helicopters, Ukrainian armored forces were destroyed throughout the perimeter of the military facility.

In the process of fighting, armed helicopters have applied many different tactics and weapons.

Video recorded in the cockpit of the Ka-52 armed helicopter during the war in Ukraine (Source: Russian Defense Ministry).

The video also notes that some Ukrainian soldiers armed with MANPADS were hiding behind civilian vehicles and almost immediately one of the Ka-52s was hit by heavy fire from mobile air defense systems.

The commanders decided to order the armed helicopters to protect the Mi-8 transport helicopter to conduct a tactical landing – while the Ka-52 was hit 18 times by anti-aircraft artillery and MANPADS of the Ukrainian side. causing it to make an emergency landing.

The crew quickly left the cockpit and used assault rifles to engage the Ukrainian gunmen before the second Russian strike group appeared and destroyed all of the enemy.

The operation is said to have been completed without any losses on the Russian side – the combat mission of controlling the airfield is completed.

It is noteworthy that now the Russian Defense Ministry’s communication activities have increased more than twice as much as in the early days of the military operation in Ukraine.”

The Kamov Ka-52 “Alligator” (Crocodile) is a two-seat military helicopter – an upgraded variant of the Ka-50 with only one seat.

This is an armed helicopter capable of operating in all weather conditions, both day and night, capable of attacking and destroying ground targets and slow-flying aircraft, reconnaissance and navigation. targets and coordinate operations with other military helicopters.

The Ka-52 has a maximum take-off weight of 12.2 tons, a maximum flight speed of 300 km/h, a combat range of 460 km, and a ceiling from 4 to 5.5 km.

The helicopter is equipped with 30 mm 2A42 Shipunov cannon with 240 rounds of ammunition and 6 hardpoints that can mount 2 tons of weapons including Vikhir, Ataka or Shturm-BU anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) Vikhir, Ataka or Shturm-BU, MANPADS Igla- V or S-8/S-13 rocket launchers.

Intense scene of Ka-52 raging - hit by bullets landing, Russian pilot carrying AK confronts Ukrainian soldiers!  - Photo 4.

Graphic depicting the armament of a Ka-52.


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