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Who is the only female Olympia champion to return home? -Young

Saturday, March 19, 2022 14:45 PM (GMT+7)

Among the Olympia champions, Luong Phuong Thao is a rare person who returns to work after studying abroad.

At the time of participating in Olympia season 3, Luong Phuong Thao was a student at Nguyen Binh Khiem High School for the Gifted, Vinh Long. In the final of the year, she defeated 3 opponents Nguyen Hai Phong, Le Duc Tin, Mai Thanh Tiep to win the laurels. Phuong Thao’s total score that year was 200 points, 50 points away from the runner-up.

Phuong Thao’s prize is a full scholarship worth $35,000 awarded by Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne (Australia). At the end of the competition, the 3rd season champion went to Australia to study. However, instead of studying at Swinburne Technical University like other champions, Phuong Thao chose Monash University to develop herself with a major in international business and marketing.

Who is the only female Olympia champion to return home?  - first

Rare images of Luong Phuong Thao

Because of choosing another school to study, the amount of scholarship Phuong Thao received was not enough to spend. With the lack of money, her family managed to get her daughter to attend the school she wanted.

After graduating with a Master’s degree, she returned to work for a number of foreign advertising agencies in Ho Chi Minh City, because she herself and her family both wanted to return to her hometown to work.

It is known that her busy work makes Phuong Thao not have much free time. After the news about Thao becoming a rare Olympia Champion returning home to work was published by the press, many media units contacted her for an interview. However, the 3rd season champion lives a very private life and refuses to answer the press. In recent years, information about her is also very little, almost none.

At the end of September 2019, information suddenly appeared on some Facebook pages, the third season Olympia champion Luong Phuong Thao had moved to Canada for 2 years and is currently living in Toronto. This information made many people confused and then it was hotly discussed.

However, this information has not been verified to date. Partly because Luong Phuong Thao is too secretive and does not reveal much about her private life.

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