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Why is Paris called the “City of Light”?

Paris is not only the most populous city in France, but also considered as the heart of Europe in many fields of economy, trade, culture and tourism. The city lies along the banks of the Seine and is also the confluence of the Seine and Marne rivers. The capital, famous for its Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and many culturally valuable landmarks, is one of the most popular French tourist attractions.

Why is Paris called the City of Light?  - Photo 1.

The City of Lights Paris (Photo: Harold Davis).

In addition, Paris is also known to the world as the City of Lights. This nickname of Paris is often understood figuratively. In fact, the origin of “the city of light” (Ville de Lumière in French) comes from the actual need for light of this city.

According to Vnexpress, Tootlafrance information, there are two stories that are often cited to explain the famous nickname of Paris. The first story dates back to the 18th century, when the city police asked residents to light a candle or kerosene lamp, which was placed on the windows of their homes at night to prevent an increase in crime rates. .

Why is Paris called the City of Light?  - Photo 2.

The area around the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris (Image: Video Blocks)

The second story concerns the year 1820, when Paris adopted a system of public lighting with gas lamps, developed by engineer Philippe le Bon. While not the first city to use this type of lighting, Paris is perhaps the most successful. The bright Paris street scene made a strong impression, causing many people to start calling the city “the capital of light”. 200 years on, that moniker is still appropriate for the splendor of Paris at night.

According to international media, at night, Paris lights up all the streets and alleys. Architectural works such as Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris church… shimmering lively, everywhere resounding melodious music of street artists and the discovery of tourists from all over the world.

If you take a boat trip on the Seine River to see Paris bustling at night, you will see the poetic breath of Paris. That’s why watching Paris from the Seine becomes an endless source of poems and romances.

Why is Paris called the City of Light?  - Photo 3.

The street along the Seine is bustling in the evenings

It can be said that the City of Lights Paris is a major cultural center of the world and also one of the most attractive tourist cities. The bustle, the architecture and the artist atmosphere have helped Paris attract about 30 million foreign visitors each year.

The city is also considered as the capital of high fashion with many luxury neighborhoods and large commercial centers. Being home to the headquarters of international organizations such as OECD, UNESCO… plus diverse activities in finance, business, politics and tourism have made Paris one of the transit hubs. The largest city in the world and is considered one of the four “global cities” along with New York, London and Tokyo.

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