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12-year-old Vietnamese girl enters the world’s top 1% university

Alisa Pham (12 years old) is currently the youngest student at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in New Zealand and has surpassed the record set by her sister two years ago.

In 2020, Alisa’s older sister Vicky Ngo Ngoc was admitted to AUT at the age of 13 and was the youngest student at the school at that time. Before that, Vicky made a “double” when he finished junior high school, completed the 12th grade program and took the university entrance exam in just 1 year. She graduated with dual degrees in Applied Mathematics and Economics at AUT and is pursuing a PhD in data science.

“Alisa is our youngest student ever. Her academic record, maturity and intelligence impressed us,” AUT spokesman Alison Sykora said.

12-year-old Vietnamese girl enters the world’s top 1% university

Before that, she attended St Thomas’ School in 2018, completed high school in 10 months and quickly enrolled at Selwyn College last year.

Like her older sister, Alisa was enrolled in AUT. Although she was not accepted into Law, she was admitted to AUT’s Bachelor of Communication Studies with a dual major in digital and creative branding at a middle school age. that being accepted to study media can be “an unrelenting blessing” as his dream is to become a journalist.

AUT has been a university since 2000, and is now the 2nd largest university in New Zealand. The University is ranked in the top 40 universities under 50 years old in the world, according to Times Higher Education and is ranked in the top 1% and the top 300 (251-300) universities in the world.

In addition, Alisa was also interviewed by Stanford University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a potential candidate.

AUT said it has arranged for Alisa the same privileges as her sister. “This includes special security arrangements, an ambassador accompanying her to classes during the first semester, and regular meetings with support staff.”

12-year-old Vietnamese girl enters the world's top 1% university
Auckland Institute of Technology

Despite her high intelligence, Alisa is clearly still a carefree, innocent 12-year-old. Alisa said she enjoys playing football, swimming and art. “I like drawing comics and designing fashion when I’m alone, but with friends, I like playing sports or playing games. I’m just like all other friends,” Alisa said.

Alisa’s mother said Alisa was “very smart” from an early age, starting to read to herself at the age of 2 and already thinking about solving the world’s problems.

“Alisa is also very good at languages, and I am very impressed with how Alisa was able to become fluent in English in a few short years,” said Alisa’s mother.

Her mother said Alisa, with her guidance, has run online programs and given advice to other Vietnamese children, and recently joined as a speaker to support support Vietnamese children orphaned parents because of Covid-19.

Alisa has also actively invested in the NZ stock market for the past three years.

In the future, Alisa still plans to get a law degree after completing her studies in media, but her dream is to work in the media field.

“I want to pursue a career in media and my dream is to be a journalist,” Alisa said.

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