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5 = 5 is WRONG by the teacher

Elementary math in many people’s mind is as easy as eating candy, in the blink of an eye it’s done. But in fact, if you regularly participate in teaching your children, you will understand that the difficulty of learning Math at this stage is not low at all. Many elementary school students’ math problems look like that, but they don’t, even educated parents themselves may not be able to do it correctly.

There are many cases where parents think their children are doing the right thing, but they end up being “crossed out”. For example, a father expressed embarrassment at an elementary math lesson. At first glance, it seems simple, but after receiving the results from the teacher, everyone is bewildered.

Another controversial elementary math problem: 25 : 5 = 5 was crossed wrong by the teacher, the bachelor's father thought he was sweating for no reason, he was dumbfounded when he heard the explanation - Photo 1.

The question is as follows: “The teacher accompanied 25 elementary school students. When they needed to cross the river, they saw only one empty boat, each carrying no more than 5 people. How many turns will the students be able to cross to the other side?” .

Many students will think this is a simple division test, and divide 25 by 5 directly to get the answer 5 times. When a student came home, the father checked the math problem and was surprised because his son’s work was wrong, the teacher’s comment was “check the question carefully”. The father was puzzled, asserting that the teacher was mistaken because this result could not be wrong. However, the explanation that followed made the parents just dumbfounded.

Turns out the title was referring to an “empty boat”, so even though there could be 5 students sitting at a time, someone had to be the boatman. So 24 students have to pass 6 times, and finally give 1 extra student, so it should be at least 7 times. Most of the students in the class answered this question incorrectly, after seeing the explanation, many parents felt dumbfounded.

Mathematics is indeed a subject that requires training of thinking ability, it is also the basis for learning other science and technology subjects. However, many parents worry, if they constantly cannot solve these “brain hacking” problems, will their children feel inferior and lose confidence? Although I know there are many math problems to train children’s thinking, at the 1st grade level, students are still not fluent in reading and writing, giving tricky math problems like this is no different from making it difficult for them and sometimes right away. parents too. not-so-really-do-listen-giai-thich-moi-chet-lang-20220320005423165.chn

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