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6 bad traits of a man who easily breaks up a marriage – Young people

Sunday, March 20, 2022 08:26 AM (GMT+7)

Men often have 6 bad traits that a smart woman, if she knows how to grasp, will easily help her husband correct. This will also help strengthen the relationship between husband and wife.

Psychologist Vera Ha Anh said that in men, there are usually 6 bad qualities. Somewhere people will come across the image of an abusive husband, a promiscuous husband, listening to his mother…. However, if the wife knows how to help her husband “treat” this bad character, the husband will become better and better. This will also help strengthen your marriage.

1. An abusive husband

Most abusive husbands have a bad past. They may have witnessed violent parents, grow up tending to follow. It can also be due to being compared, cursed, beaten from a young age that forms brute force. When the abusive man often finds himself lacking in value in the eyes of others, feeling powerless…

In case of encountering a violent man, the wife needs to know that she absolutely does not challenge or provoke her husband; avoid when husband is angry; not disparaging, belittling or comparing them with other men… At the same time, the wife also needs to know how to recognize her husband’s good deeds so that her husband can see his good side.

2. Husband “sticks to the skirt”, too obedient to his mother

There are couples who have to break up just because the husband is too obedient to his mother. Mom follows whatever she says, even slaps her right in front of her face without asking questions when she sees her wife and mother fighting… The husband in the family should be the one to hold the balance, distinguish right from wrong, say protect you in front of your family but only know your mother on the contrary. It’s not that your husband is too weak, but because his mother is a very good person at coaching and training for him.

If you have such a husband, instead of blaming, criticizing or confronting your mother-in-law, take the side of the mother-in-law and learn how to be friends with her. You will learn something from her mother’s way of listening, praising, praising, and speaking to him for you to follow. Mother’s day may be number 1, but when she is with you, you will be number 1. To be able to gradually touch it, it takes a lot of patience.

3. The man is promiscuous

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If your husband has this trait, be patient, learn to tolerate. A woman should not make a big deal out of it if she finds out that her man is having an affair. Because this makes him even more distant from you. If you still love him, touch him with your love, but this takes time. If you can’t stand it anymore, the solution to leave will make you less hurt.

Learn how to keep your husband right by paying attention to yourself, dressing, focusing on learning knowledge about the bedroom so that your husband is always filled with new feelings. Because most men who are promiscuous often want to find “strange feelings”.

4. The man who hates his own parents

There are husbands who even hate their own biological parents. From this, a man can selfishly hate his wife. If you encounter this bad man, learn how to connect your husband with his parents-in-law, always speak well of them to each other. In addition, you should create a space for them to get close, talk privately with their mother-in-law to awaken the mother’s instincts so that he can receive love the way he wants.

5. Excessive jealousy

Because of excessive jealousy, he often wants to control everything, doubts his wife… This man is a victim of a limited education, has a history of being abandoned or threatened with abandonment many times, and is very afraid of losing it. what I have.

With a man with this bad character, the wife should help him regain his feeling of love, encouragement and always let him feel that you are always there. Make him feel safe when you’re around so he’ll still feel safe when you’re away. A woman also needs to learn to respect, be proud, and always praise her husband.

6. The man who always thinks negatively

There are men who are less optimistic, think negatively about everything. Disgusted with his own work, or complaining and criticizing others. Don’t want other people more, so if the wife has a little more, it’s annoying. This man always has a feeling of inferiority, guilt is also because from childhood to adulthood, he is always compared and criticized. Especially the environment he grew up in, in which his parents were also like that, was negative when it came to life.

With this bad trait of a man, your partner needs to always trust your husband in all aspects, giving him the right to decide everything based on your wishes. Motivate your husband from the smallest things to build confidence in himself.

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