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6 Signs You’re Not Making Enough Money

It can be frustrating to find yourself stuck in a financial situation with no way out. You are overspending or not making enough money. Or maybe both.

This will lead to real trouble. If you’re not earning enough to cover your bills, you’ll need to take these steps now to increase your income. Even if you feel you’re too poor to plan, a budget can help you find the right financial path.

Learn 6 signs you’re not making enough money – and solutions to deal with them.

1. You are using a credit card every month

If you’re running out of money for the month or are using your credit card to help you navigate between paychecks, you’re facing an income problem.

At first, this may not seem like a big deal. But, as you deplete your balance and the frequency of credit card payments increases, this problem will only get worse. In the event that you pay late, the late payment fee can knock you out.

Solution: Stop using credit cards. This can seem difficult when you don’t seem to have enough money to cover your basic needs. However, switching to cash or a debit card for everyday spending can help you stay in control of your budget.

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2. You can’t afford the bill

If you have to choose which bill to pay first, you’re definitely in for an income crisis. It is important to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.

Solution: Cut down on lifestyle. It means you minimize the luxury item. Maybe reduce the phone plan to a minimum and cancel the cable TV. Instead of eating out, cook at home and buy groceries at the local market.

3. You run out of money at the beginning of the month

From time to time, you might have a bad month. But, if you’ve always struggled to make ends meet after your monthly paycheck, chances are you’re facing an income crisis. This is a clear indicator that overspending is probably not the only problem.

If you can’t pay your main bills, you’re not making enough money. You’ll probably feel like your paycheck has been spent before “ting ting” on the phone.

Solution: Find a part-time job. Taking on a second job or side projects can help you pay off debt and build up an emergency fund to avoid the “rainy days.” If this is a long-term problem, you may want to consider finding another job with a better income. Or go back to school to improve your skills and have more opportunities.

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4. You can’t handle an emergency

When income equals expenditure, it is difficult to put money into an emergency fund. This may sound “fine”, but it can create a domino effect. If you can’t handle the emergency, you may have to use your credit card.

Ultimately, credit card payments will get bigger and cripple your financial health. If you don’t have extra money to save for your emergency fund each month, you’re not making enough money.

Solution: Set up an emergency fund. It sounds crazy to set aside some money every time you’re in financial trouble. However, having money to cover emergencies can provide peace of mind and allow you to focus on other financial goals. You can start with just 100k per month and build from there.

5. Are you constantly worried about money?

There’s a big difference between worrying about unexpected car repair costs and feeling stressed every time you think about your daily expenses. Constant worry about money makes it difficult to sleep. This is a sign you are not making enough money.

Solution: Be alert when handling financial matters. Budgeting allows you to plan your purchases. Emergency Fund help you cover unexpected expenses. More income generates better inflows. If you are moving from financial stress to life crisis, it will be difficult for you to achieve your goals. Let’s start with the smallest things!

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6. You’re Not Reaching Your Financial Goals

If you’re barely making a living or making any progress in paying off debt or saving money, it’s likely your income isn’t enough. This condition may not be as serious as the symptoms listed above. But you still need to solve this problem.

Solution: Make sure your goals are achievable. Setting a goal to get out of debt completely in one year sounds appealing. However, if your debt is 300 million and you only earn 400 million/year, it is difficult to repay in such a short time.

Make sure the goals you’re setting are achievable and specific to them. Making small but solid changes is much more effective.

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