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A famous tourist destination for the first time regulates the rate of tipping for tourists

In the travel industry, tips are often used to reward the results of the tour guide’s labor. The amount of tips more or less depends on the experience of the guide and the satisfaction of the visitors. Depending on the travel company, there will be separate rules about tipping for customers. However, recently, Phu Quoc City (Kien Giang) has made an announcement about the addition of the regulation of the Phu Quoc City Professional Tour Guide Association.

Specifically, according to the above document, the service fee for Vietnamese tourists is 25,000 VND/person/day, Asian tourists are 2 USD/person/day and tourists from other regions are charged 4. USD/person/day. Regulations effective from 15/5/2022.

A famous tourist destination for the first time regulates the amount of tips for tourists - Photo 1.

It can be seen that, in addition to the daily tour fees, tips make an important contribution to the guide’s income, because they both increase legitimate income and show encouragement and support. recognition of tourists when satisfied with the professional expertise and service attitude of the guide.

Tipping for service staff is still unfamiliar to Vietnamese people. However, this has become an unwritten rule for guests in the US, both when using hotel services or dining at restaurants. When staying at a hotel, Americans often tip the room staff about 2-5 USD/night, depending on the service attitude and star rating of the hotel. With the baggage staff, American guests will spend 1-5 USD per suitcase, large bag or number of hotel floors. Particularly for the doorman or receptionist, American guests will not tip these parts.

Americans often tip 15-20% of the total bill when dining at a restaurant. However, if the bill already states “service charge” or “gratuity”, they will not pay any more tips.

Whereas in Japan, the Japanese never tip. To the Japanese, tipping is an insult. Japanese customers believe that they will still receive the best quality of service without having to spend any extra money.

Starting from March 15, Vietnam has restored domestic tourism activities and opened its doors to international visitors to revive the smokeless industry after more than 2 years of freezing because of the COVID-19 epidemic. It can be seen that this is the first tour guide association with clear regulations on the issue of tips in tourism. Therefore, it is not known whether there will be a tour guide association or a tour guide association with a similar plan as above to suit the domestic tourism situation in the future or not. 20220319074357344.chn

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