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After worrying about Vietnam Tel, China has another headache before another Southeast Asian team

The Southeast Asian teams are making rapid progress and gradually closing the gap with strong opponents in Asia. The Philippines team is an example when they own in the squad some quality players playing in Europe. One of the latest faces to land in the Philippines is star Gerrit Holtmann, who is playing in the Bundesliga (German league).

Witnessing this, Sohu newspaper couldn’t help but worry: “The Chinese team caused great frustration when they lost to Vietnam in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. If the Chinese team doesn’t progress quickly, I’m afraid they will have to hold a grudge against many other teams.

The Philippines is a prime example, when they recently summoned Gerrit Holtmann. This can be considered as one of the best quality players in Asia. Of course, the level of Chinese players has no one to match with Gerrit Holtmann. Naturalized players like Alan or Elkeson have no comparison with Gerrit Holtmann.

Gerrit Holtmann, although only 26 years old, has played 72 matches in the Bundesliga. This season, Gerrit Holtmann has scored 4 goals and has 4 assists.

After worrying about Vietnam Tel, China has a headache before another Southeast Asian team - Photo 1.

Gerrit Holtmann is the quality booster for the Philippines team

Philippine football has never been a worthy rival to Chinese football, whether at club or national team level. However, in recent years, Southeast Asian football has developed like a storm. Of course, Philippine football is no exception.

The Philippines is promoting a policy of naturalization as well as calling players of Filipino origin who currently play football abroad. Before that, they also own a number of faces who have been playing in the top European football platforms such as Etheridge or Stephan Schrock.

With the current European football players, the Philippines team will become much stronger. This will obviously be a formidable opponent for the Chinese team in the future.”

Gerrit Holtmann will join the Philippines team in friendly matches against Singapore and Malaysia at the end of March. These are important matches for the Philippines team to prepare for the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers. htm

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