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My anger made me sneak up after him after work. I’m curious to know who will receive that bouquet…

Almost turned into 'green tea'

I usually don’t have the courage to watch clips of jealousy posted on social media because I feel so scared that I get goosebumps. In addition, because of a fear hidden deep in my heart, there was a time when I almost became a “small tam”, interfering with the happiness of other people’s families…

I have to say that in my dreams, I never thought of myself as the third person. I live an upright life and always respect everyone. At that time, not to mention strangers, as long as I was a classmate of the opposite sex, even though I was close and married, I would keep my distance. However, at the company I work for, I “fall in love” with a colleague. He worked in a different department but was assigned to be my project team leader. Perhaps because he possesses a gentle face and a gentle disposition, I could not have expected what happened next.

My company is crowded with many people, the departments sometimes do not know each other, or know but have never communicated. Right at the first group meeting, he took the initiative to ask for the members’ phone numbers. Meeting in the morning, in the afternoon he texted me. At first, we just talked about the difficulties at work. Since this is a fairly new field of work for me, I asked him to provide some documents to learn more. He was very enthusiastic, in addition to the soft document sent via email, he also made an appointment with me the next day at noon to meet in the company’s kitchen to give me a few more prints. Needless to say, how excited I am to meet such an enthusiastic, caring person. A few months into the project, he and I became close. Perhaps because I thought that love came from both sides, I carelessly started this relationship…

On the occasion of March 8 of that year, I happened to see him at a flower shop near the company, so I followed. Looking at the beautiful and romantic bouquet of red roses mixed with baby in his hand, somehow I smiled. That day, he texted to say he was busy and invited me to have dinner the next day. My anger made me sneak up after him after work. I’m curious to know who will receive that bouquet… It’s true that “the eyes can’t see, the heart doesn’t hurt”, I was stunned when I saw that the person he was meeting was a sister from the same company.

The sad feeling of that day made me decide to stop contacting him, although after that day, he texted me many times. Although it is very sad, I still suggest that you consider each other as colleagues, completing the project happily. Yet every time he meets with a group, he still finds a way to talk and touch me… The story doesn’t stop there. One day, I suddenly received a call from a stranger, saying that it was his wife and wanted to meet me and talk. Needless to say, I was scared, sitting in the cool air-conditioned room, I suddenly perspired. At first, I wasn’t going to go but thought again and again, I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I hide?

His wife is a charming woman, dressed very young. She asked directly, am I “misleading” with your husband? She said, she read messages from her husband and I “heard” each other. I also honestly shared with her that I didn’t know he was married, so I liked him for a while. I also gave her my phone so she could see that I deleted all of our conversations and stopped contacting him after I found out he had… someone else.

She calmly listened to me and was not surprised when I mentioned the flower bouquet. Turns out, she also took a picture of him holding a colleague’s hand to eat or go to the movies, but she couldn’t see his face, she thought it was me…

At that time, after the project ended, I immediately applied for a job at the company’s branch. The goal is to not have to face him. A few years later, I heard people in the company talk, he divorced his wife because his “reverse jealous” lover came to his house to make a fuss. The wife’s sister did not want to continue to suffer from her husband’s abusive behavior, so she filed an application in court and was given custody of the children.

Come to think of it, I’m still lucky to have met such a calm and rational wife. The story of “almost becoming a minor” at that time also became a lesson for me to be more cautious in my relationships with the opposite sex…

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