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Ambassador Nguyen Tuan visited and worked at FPT Slovakia

FPT Slovakia is a subsidiary of FPT Corporation, which started its operation in July 2014 after the merger and acquisition of the Slovak branch of the leading German energy group RWE. This is one of the first big M&A deals of Vietnam going abroad in the field of information technology.

The company currently has 390 employees, of which 370 are working directly in Slovakia, 20 are working in the Czech Republic, specializing in providing information technology services to leading enterprises in many industries. industries in Germany, UK, France, Czech, Slovakia and other countries in the European Union…

Recently, the company has expanded its network of new customers such as Germany’s largest E-ON group in the field of energy and utility services and many other customers in the fields of logistics, automobile manufacturing, electric car infrastructure services, industrial production, professional services on human resources…

Although the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to affect the entire European and world economy in 2021, FPT Slovakia’s revenue will continue to increase due to strong IT demand.

Specifically, in the EU market, it will reach about 50 million USD in 2021. Particularly for the German, UK and EU countries except France, which FPT Slovakia is providing services, sales reached 40 million and grew by nearly 30%.

In 2021, FPT Slovakia was selected to rank 4th in the top 5 leading employers in the IT field in Slovakia.



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