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Another 18 Vietnamese citizens returned home safely from the war zone in Ukraine

Nhat Linh – Khac Long (VTV TV reporter residing in Russia)Sunday, March 20, 2022 21:23 GMT+7

Up to this point, there have been at least 41 Vietnamese citizens out of thousands of people who were evacuated from Ukraine to Russia according to regulations. humanitarian corridor which the Russian Defense Ministry has agreed with Ukraine to open to the safe removal of civilians from the war zone.

Present in Moscow (Russia) right before the flight back to Hanoi, mother and daughter Nguyen Thi Bich Van (Vietnamese in Kharkov, Ukraine) still have not exhausted the emotions of the past few days. Living on the outskirts of Kharkov, she completely lost contact with the community as soon as the war broke out. Witnessing the shelling, she decided to contact the nearest military post to take her mother and her daughter away.

If Van’s mother and daughter were found and picked up by their Vietnamese compatriots from the Belgorod evacuation camp, a group of 14 Vietnamese citizens in Kherson were lucky enough to be picked up by a delegation of the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia right at the border gate. Fighting in the surrounding areas made all exits in Kherson dangerous, and people had to wait until there was a safe corridor before deciding to go to the Russian border.

Another 18 Vietnamese citizens returned home safely from the war zone in Ukraine - Photo 1.

Youth volunteers in Poland support expatriates at the airport. (Photo: VNA)

The communication with Vietnamese in Ukraine This is a difficult problem for Vietnamese embassy staff in Ukraine and Russia at the moment. The reason is that the rest are mostly underground shelters, many places have no electricity, no water as well as no phone signal.

Currently, the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia is still maintaining contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the hotline of the Russian Ministry of Defense to continue to welcome compatriots in cities in Eastern Ukraine. safe evacuation through Russia.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, humanitarian corridors from some Ukrainian cities to Russia are still open daily. Ensuring the safety of foreign citizens leaving the territory of Ukraine is organized at the request of foreign embassies in Russia, as well as at the request of foreign nationals who wish to leave the war zone.

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