Besides Nanogen, Mr. Ho Nhan and his wife

Mr. Ho Nhan is a scientist born in 1966, obtained a doctorate in biotechnology in the US, Chairman and CEO of Nanogen.

Graduated with a biomedical degree in the US and pursued his passion for pharmaceutical research with biotechnology, in 2005, Dr. Ho Nhan returned home to establish a company and in 2007 built a factory in Ho Chi Minh City’s Hi-Tech Park. with a total investment of 40 million USD. Up to now, the company has 3 factories specializing in the production of special drugs for hepatitis B and C, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, blood cancer…

At the beginning, Nanogen had 3 founding shareholders. Mr. Ho Nhan owns 70% of the company’s shares. Mr. Nhan’s wife, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Van, holds 25% of Nanogen’s charter capital. The remaining shareholder owning 5% of capital is Mr. Ho Vu Thanh.

In addition to Nanogen, Mr. Ho Nhan and his wife - daughter of the Son Kim family also do what business, how big is the property?  - Photo 1.

Mr. Ho Nhan said that the company’s special biological drugs have now been expanded to include products to treat anemia and leukocytosis to support patients during chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and bone marrow transplantation.

After that, when foreign shareholders started to contribute capital to Nanogen, Mr. Ho Nhan and Ms. Hong Van’s share ratio started to be diluted, decreasing to 67.5% and 22.5% respectively. And Mr. Thanh divested all of his capital in this pharmaceutical company.

According to the financial report of KIS Vietnam Securities Company, this company has spent nearly VND 11.6 billion for 162,500 shares of Nanogen, equivalent to a valuation of more than VND 71,000 per share. Based on this price, Nanogen’s valuation is about 5,100 billion dong, higher than big pharmaceutical companies on the stock exchange such as Imexpharm or Traphaco.

In terms of business results, in 2019, Nanogen achieved the highest revenue of VND 191 billion, up 17% compared to the previous 3 years. However, in 2019, Nanogen reported a loss of up to VND 26 billion after 3 consecutive years of profitable business.

As of December 31, 2019, Nanogen’s total assets reached VND 1,369 billion, up 38% compared to the beginning of the year. Nanogen operates on its own capital, equity at the end of 2019 is VND 1,102 billion, including VND 715 billion of contributed capital.

According to the Business Forum, in addition to Nanogen, Mr. and Mrs. Ho Nhan and Ms. Hong Van (daughter of Nguyen Thi Son) are also members of the family that owns Son Kim, a multi-industry business conglomerate from real estate. real estate, retail to fashion.

The first bricks of Son Kim began in the mid-1950s when the private enterprise Dai Thanh was born, run by Mrs. Hong Van’s grandfather. Then, in the 90s, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Son, her mother Hong Van, worked as the General Director of Legamex, one of the large-scale export textile companies in Vietnam at that time.

In 1993, Son’s son, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tuan, founded Son Kim. The company of Mrs. Son’s family started to develop brands of lingerie, pajamas, and home wear by embarking on a joint venture, receiving franchises with Japanese and American partners.

In parallel with the fashion segment, Son Kim also started to develop the real estate sector since the late 90s. It was Mrs. Nguyen Thi Son who was the leader in the joint venture with a Hong Kong partner to build a high-rise apartment complex. First leased in Ho Chi Minh City in 1996. Currently, Son Kim’s project portfolio has 3 segments of residential, office, and resort real estate.

In 2017, Son Kim entered the race in the retail market when linking with GS Group of Korea, opening a chain of convenience stores GS Retail in Vietnam. Earlier in 2012, this group also shook hands with a Korean partner to launch VGS Shop – a shopping channel on television.

Currently, Son Kim Group Joint Stock Company has a charter capital of 637 billion dong, 99.7% of the shares are held by Mr. Nguyen Hoang Tuan. This is the parent company holding the capital contribution in subsidiaries in Son Kim’s ecosystem in the fields of fashion, real estate, and retail.

The 5 children of the owner Son Kim’s family are pursuing different careers. The eldest child Hong Van and her husband run Nanogen. Mr. Hoang Tuan is the Chairman of Son Kim Group, Son Kim Land, Son Kim Mode. Mr. Hoang Anh, the second son of founder of Golden Mountain coffee and tea production company. The fourth child, Mrs. Hong Trang, is a member of the Board of Directors of Son Kim Mode. The youngest son Hoang Lam founded the interior design brand Duy Quan.

In addition, Ms. Hong Van and her mother, younger brother and some other family members also contributed capital to establish Southeast Asia Education Development Investment Joint Stock Company (SEADI). This company is the owner of Duy Tan High School in Ho Chi Minh City. frame-copper-20220320095922804.chn

According to Tung Lam


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