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Blinded by love, Tieu Tam ruthlessly killed both his wife and children

The India Expess newspaper reported that the tragedy occurred on February 6, 2022 in Mandya city, Karnataka state (India) and claimed the lives of 5 people including: Lakshmi (30 years old); Her three children are Raj (10 years old), Komala (8 years old), Kunal (5 years old) and grandson Govinda (13 years old) of the victim.

An examination of the scene showed that the theft of some jewelry in the house had been taken, so the police initially identified this as a murder and robbery. In addition, because there is no sign of rape or scuffle, the perpetrator is most likely an acquaintance of the victim’s family.

On February 9, police announced that they had arrested the victim’s cousin, also named Lakshmi (38 years old) on charges of murder. Although married, this woman still developed illicit feelings for her cousin’s husband, Gangaram, and even demanded a divorce from him so that they could legally come together.

However, after being discovered by his wife, Gangaram repeatedly avoided meeting his mistress, angering her, and repeatedly tried to make the couple at odds with anonymous calls. In the end, things did not go as planned, the defendant began to plot to eliminate the person he considered to be a “nosed lizard”.

It is known that the two sisters met on February 5 and had an argument. The next day, the evil woman sneaked into Gangaram’s house and took advantage of her lover’s wife’s sleep to hit the victim’s head with a hammer until she lost consciousness and then continued to use the pillow to choke her to death.

As for the children, the killer claimed that because they had woken up and witnessed the whole thing, they were forced to kill and then deliberately changed the scene into a robbery to distract the police investigation.

Talking to the press, the agency in charge of the case said that they are still continuing to investigate and take the defendant’s words to see if anyone else is involved in the case.

According to Times of India and India Express

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