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Children born in autumn and winter have superior IQ

Every parent wants to know if their child is smart, how high IQ is. There are many signs of an intelligent child, one of which is related to the time the child was born.

Regarding this issue, Harvard University spent 8 years investigating, finally they found that children born in autumn and winter has a brain that is more developed than other seasons.

Children born in autumn and winter - Photo 1.

Children born in the fall and winter have a much higher IQ. (Illustration)

The researchers said that children born in autumn and winter have a brain weight 200g more than children born in spring and summer, their height is also more than 1cm.

In addition, British epidemiologist Deborah Lawlor, who is also a professor at the University of Bristol, has spent many years studying the relationship between birth season and intelligence of a person. Research data shows that learning skills and the time the child is born are related.

Deborah Lawlor explains that: “Environmental factors before and after pregnancy of the mother affect the brain and neural development of the baby. For example, the temperature in utero can be affected by seasonal changes in the mother’s diet. Uterine-related factors influence a baby’s birth weight“.

Why do babies born in autumn and winter have higher IQs?

To explain this, researchers at Harvard University have come up with 3 related factors:

1. Environment during pregnancy

If the baby is born in the autumn and winter, it means that in the last months of pregnancy, the weather is cool and pleasant, the mother can exercise without sweating too much, and the mood is not irritable due to the heat. caused by heat.

Especially at this time, when the mother’s mood is stable, they tend to eat better, supplement with adequate nutrients, the baby in the womb will develop in the best conditions.

Harvard study: Children born in these 2 seasons will be smarter - Photo 2.

If the baby is born in the autumn and winter, in the last month of pregnancy, the mother can freely go for a walk outside. (Illustration)

2. Young luck comfortable movement

If babies are born in the fall or winter, they will learn to crawl in the spring and summer. At this time, because the temperature is gradually warming up, the child does not need to wear too many clothes and can move freely, which is beneficial for training motor skills. If children can walk early, of course they have more opportunities to interact with the outside world, which is very good for brain development.

3. Time late admission time

A child’s growth rate is very rapid when they reach the age of 3. If children are born after September, they often go to school later than their peers. At this time, the child’s brain has developed much more than that of his classmates, which is an advantage when going to kindergarten.

How to improve intelligence for a child?

Whether the child is born in the fall or winter, if you want to improve your child’s IQ, right from the time of pregnancy, the mother should pay attention to a few things:

Onlybalanced nutrition

During pregnancy, mothers should supplement with adequate nutrition, eat scientifically, and after giving birth, they also need to have a reasonable diet if breast-feeding. When children reach the age of weaning, maintaining a balanced diet will help their brain and body develop best.

Harvard research: Children born in these 2 seasons will be smarter - Photo 3.

During pregnancy, mothers should supplement with adequate nutrition. (Illustration)

Exercise routine

Exercise has many benefits for both adults and children. Persistence in exercise not only improves the physique but also promotes the child’s brain to work better. When moving, the brain will release dopamine, which supports the brain development of children.

Therefore, in daily life, parents should take their children out to participate in more activities and limit their exposure to electronic devices.

– Education properly

Family education plays an important role in a child’s development. Parents are children’s first teachers, compared to school, family education is more important. Therefore, in order for their children to develop well, parents must first set an example for them to follow.

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