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Contact redirect fraud to gain control of the e-wallet

Hanoi Police just warned of a trick of impersonating an operator to gain control of a user’s sim and calls, then logging into their accounts and matching money.

According to the Hanoi City Police, criminals often pretend to be customer service staff of operators, banks and e-wallets to summon “prey” to pretend to help solve problems. Then, they ask the customer to send a text according to the given syntax, but actually redirect the call to take control of the customer’s phone sim.

Usually, criminals often ask customers to send text messages with the syntax **21*#. However, it is call forwarding syntax from the carrier, which allows mobile subscribers to divert calls to other phone numbers on the network or off the network.

While manipulating calls, they will log into the victim’s Momo wallet app remotely. When calling Momo to provide the OTP code, the call will be diverted to the criminal’s phone number. From there, they easily deposit money in the wallets and bank accounts associated with the e-wallet.

Police warn of new scam.  Photo: Provided by the police

Police warn of new scam. Photo: provided by police

Another way, the crooks ask the customer to text according to the DS syntax to send 901. This is the syntax to convert the phone sim into a blank sim blank by the SMS method. Then, they will send a scam message that helps the user to upgrade the phone sim to a 4G, 5G sim. When the operation is successful, the user will lose control of the sim because the scammer sim becomes the owner’s sim.

Once they get hold of the sim, all calls to the user’s subscribers are immediately forwarded to the scam group’s phone number. At this point, they will log into the victim’s social network, bank, and e-wallet accounts and select the “forgot password” feature. The service provider will send the OTP verification code to their mobile sim and from there they take the money.

In many cases, the bad guys use the victim’s information to borrow money through online applications.

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