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Daughter-in-law decided to divorce after being falsely accused of boys and girls

The husband’s family thinks that the daughter-in-law is dating a boy and a girl

In the past few days, on social networks, images of a man getting a tattoo, because it was too painful, put his head in the lap of the woman accompanying him. That seemingly ordinary clip opened the door to a breakdown.

“The thing is Husband’s parent When my sister saw the video, she only knew how to take pictures. Because he thought he was a daughter-in-law, he forced his son to leave his wife. But unfortunately the image is blurry, so I need to find a video to verify. Married for 10 years without recognizing his wife, it’s okay. She said divorce was also ok but she sought verification because someone like her would not be wrong to go with a boy. There are no videos of ‘pampering’ in the dark.

Surfing TikTok to see a

The article is posted.

Checked the video and the husband apologized but the rig is still down. Because tonight, my sister checked the video in the house, the father-in-law is impregnating the head of the grandson, this is your mother, so it is confirmed.

The older sister said she could talk to her sister any way she wanted, but if she talked to her son like that, there would never be a time to be together.”

The poster explains the story. Attached are the messages from the wife to her husband. She found the whole clip sent to him to “open his eyes”, to see if it was his wife.

After clearly viewing the clip and photo, the husband could only say sorry: “I am the one who is wrong today”.

Surfing TikTok to see a

She found a clip to prove it wasn’t her.

However, the wife is still determined to divorce because she does not want to live in a family of 5 people. Each son believes that the person in the clip is not his mother.

She was extremely indignant because her parents-in-law injected into the child’s head the wrong image of his mother.

“Tell your parents if you still raise him like this, I’ll take him away. He’s only 7 years old, don’t plant nonsense in his head. What do you think he says, my son is doing it right now? age eat age learn age to love. You don’t have to stuff it with this nonsense. If you can’t tell, I’ll have to call back, I’ll be speechless.” fierce wife.

The pent-up frustration for nearly 10 years

She also said that now her husband’s apology is not valuable anymore. After 10 years of marriage, she buried her youth for her husband and children, but because the picture was not clear, she didn’t bother to ask her wife a question, and left a message: “I want a divorce”.

“Remember the day I gave birth and almost died on the delivery table, your aunt didn’t ask you a question but called you and said: ‘Tell the doctor to test your children and grandchildren?’ During those years, you stood up and defended. I’ve never been.”

“The time you fell in love with the handrail, I told my parents, only my mother defended me and my father told me to lie and defend you. Shout out at 23 o’clock on the night of the 6th Lunar New Year. Do you remember?”

These are some of the “turbulent” times at her husband’s house daughter-in-law experience.

Surfing TikTok to see a
Surfing TikTok to see a

These years of being a bride and daughter-in-law are under a lot of pressure.

Even at times when a daughter-in-law tries her best, one hand is worthy of everything, and is praised by outsiders, it still doesn’t penetrate to her father-in-law and still wants to require her daughter-in-law to perfect and be more responsible. And the climax was when the father-in-law constantly instilled in the child’s head that she was with another man, dressed in revealing clothes.

The pent-up frustrations made the wife decide to divorce even though the husband held on. Because in the husband’s family, not only him, but also the father-in-law are harsh and do not respect the daughter-in-law. The main thing is that the husband does not have a voice of his own and completely depends on the judgments and requests of his parents.

It must be said that no one wants a divorce for each person in every place, and the children have to live in a broken family. However, everyone’s endurance has a limit. Especially with marriage, two people are equal, but one person does it, the other breaks it, so how can the final ending be complete.

The wife who chose to end the marriage relationship may have come to an end. However, netizens are also happy for her that she is determined to believe in her own choice. Sometimes, divorce is the beginning of a new life, not the end. ket-khi-bang-chung-thep-lat-mo-2022032020121202746.chn

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